Did Brenna Bird spend Iowa tax dollars for a photo op in New York?

ICYMI: “Why is Iowa AG Brenna Bird among Donald Trump’s entourage at his New York hush money trial?” – Des Moines Register

Attorney General Brenna Bird is once again showing how she prioritizes photo ops over public service. However, Bird’s office has yet to answer one important question: is she courting Trump’s favor for her own political ambitions on Iowans’ dime?

It has long been evident that Brenna Bird’s focus is not on serving her constituents in Iowa; it’s on fluffing her resume so she can be the far-right candidate in the 2026 gubernatorial elections. That must be why she’s spending as much time as she can courting the favor of Donald Trump, from supporting his claim that he should be immune from murder charges to now once again spending her time out of state this week as part of Donald Trump’s entourage as he stands criminal trial in New York for hush money payments relating to the 2016 Presidential election.

But when the Des Moines Register questioned Brenna Bird’s office as to who paid for Bird’s travel, or as to why Bird was in New York and not Iowa in the first place, Brenna Bird’s office chose not to respond.

“Iowans deserve to know whether their hard-earned money is going to a political photo op 1,100 miles from the State Capitol. Even more so, Iowans deserve an Attorney General that’s focused on serving her constituents – not her political ambitions,” said IDP Chair Rita Hart.