ICYMI: KGAN: MAGA Republicans Push To Undo Lower Drug Costs for Seniors

As President Biden takes on Big Pharma and lowers costs for millions of Americans, MAGA Republicans running for president are calling to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act and cause the nearly 650,000 Iowa seniors on Medicare to pay more for their medication. Every GOP contender coming to Iowa needs to answer: Do you support President Biden’s cost-saving health care provisions, or would you raise Iowans’ prescription costs?

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  • Progress Iowa is accusing state Republicans of aligning themselves with the interests of the big drug companies that are suing to block Medicare from negotiating lower drug prices.

  • Iowa’s third district rep, Zach Nunn, is part of the GOP committee that’s also trying to repeal that part of the Inflation Reduction Act. And all of Iowa’s Republican reps in Congress voted against the IRA last year.

  • Iowa Democratic Party Chair Rita Hart says it’s a big blow to Big Pharma and a win for Iowa families.

  • Saying in part, more “Iowa seniors will be able to afford the medication they need, no thanks to a single Republican.”

  • She says “every single GOP candidate coming through Iowa needs to answer whether they would rip away these lifesaving provisions and raise costs for families” because Iowans deserve it.

  • Hart also pointing out in her statement, the top eight Republicans running for president have all expressed opposition or have vowed to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act.