State Central Committee

We're made up of a State Central Committee, 99 county chairs and thousands of involved Iowans who care deeply about their state.

Troy Price

1st Vice Chair
Andrea Phillips

2nd Vice Chair
Jordan Pope

3rd Vice Chair
June Owens

Ken Sagar

Don Ruby

DNC Members
Jan Bauer
Scott Brennan
Sandy Opstvedt
Andrea Phillips
Troy Price

First District
Ray Feuss
Jerry Lynch
Shelley Parbs
Karen Pratte
Mike Robinson
Marcos Rubinstein
Rosemary Schwartz
R.R.S. Stewart

Second District
Sandy Dockendorff
Mike Carberry
Susan Frembgen
Jonathan “Jon” Green
Marty O’Boyle
Jordan Pope
Kate Revaux
Eleanore Taft

Third District
Rachel Albin
Bill Brauch
Marcia H. Fulton
Holly Herbert
John McCormally
Carl McPherson
Annaleah Moore
Rick Smith

Fourth District
Victor Banks
Evan Burger
Brenda Brink
Jeremy Dumkrieger
Jessica Fears
Dave Mansheim
Penny Rosfjord
Kim Weaver

Affirmative Action Chair
Alex Anderson

Platform Committee Chair
Mike Robinson

Rules Committee Chair
Sandy Dockendorff

Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus
Som Baccam, Chair
Phouthasack Keopraseuth, Vice-Chair

Black Caucus
Jamie Woods, Chair
Bernard Clayton, Vice-Chair

College and Young Democrats of Iowa
Olivia Habinck, President 

Disability Caucus
Catherine Crist, Chair
Ruth Thompson, Vice-Chair

Labor Caucus
Tammy Wawro, Chair
Danny Homan, Vice-Chair

Latino Caucus
Brenda Phongsavanh, Chair
Paula Martinez, Vice-Chair

Native American Caucus
Lutisha Dumkrieger, Chair
Dian Curran, Vice-Chair

Progressive Caucus
Jason Frerichs, Chair
Dylan Funk, Vice-Chair

Rural Caucus
Colleen Caldwell, Chair
Chris Petersen, Vice-Chair

Seniors Caucus
Jean Pardee, Chair
Sherry Toelle, Vice-Chair

Stonewall Democrats Caucus
Devin Kelly, Chair
Taylor Van De Krol, Vice-Chair

Veterans’ Caucus
Michelle D. Servadio, Chair
Mike Jesse, ViceChair

Women’s Caucus
Melinda Jones, Chair
Melanie Carlson, Vice-Chair