DES MOINES – Today, the Iowa Democratic Party recognized Teamsters Local 238 as the official bargaining representative for its organizing staff.

Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price issued the following statement:

“We are so proud to recognize the Teamsters as the official bargaining representative for our organizing staff. The Democratic Party has always valued the important role that unions have played in advocating for the American workforce. It’s our duty to live the values we fight for as Democrats.”

“In Iowa, we have a long reputation of being on the front lines of implementing necessary progressive changes in our state, and today we are doing it again.”

Jesse Case, a spokesperson for Teamsters Local 238 said:

We’re proud of the staff of the Iowa Democratic Party for organizing a union. Campaign work is a hard job and campaign workers deserve a voice in their working conditions. The Iowa Democratic Party should be congratulated for recognizing their workers’ rights to organize.

Hal Goetz, IDP District Organizer said:

“I’m looking forward to working with the Teamsters and the IDP to make sure that all current and future IDP employees have the great working relationship with the Party that I’ve had during the last two cycles.”