Iowa Republicans must say whether they plan to campaign with King if he wins next week

DES MOINES — Facing his toughest primary challenge yet, embattled Congressman Steve King is fighting for his political life ahead of Tuesday’s primary. If he’s successful, Republicans across the state will be saddled with his toxic brand.

As national Republican groups have been coalescing around King’s primary opponent, the party’s other candidates have remained largely silent. Notably, that includes GOP candidates in the three other Congressional Districts: rejected IA-03 Congressman David Young, IA-01 candidate Ashley Hinson, four-time IA-02 candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks, and former Illinois Congressman Bobby Schilling.

While King’s fellow Congressional candidates are desperate to avoid talking about him, both the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Defending Main Street – a national Republican Super PAC – told Roll Call yesterday that their organizations have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to defeat King in the primary because they are concerned that his toxic brand could hurt other Iowa Republicans in November.

“Ahead of Tuesday’s primary, David Young, Ashley Hinson, Mariannette Miller-Meeks and Bobby Schilling have an obligation to show voters their values. That means telling Iowans whether they have the stomach to campaign alongside Congressman Steve King, even as his brand has become too toxic for Republicans in Washington,” said IDP Spokesperson Mandy McClure.