22 Legally-cast, Uncounted Votes Will Put Hart Ahead by Nine Votes

DES MOINES — Charles Tucker, a voter in Johnson County, lives with a disability that requires him to receive assistance in completing some tasks. Such was the case in 2020 when Mr. Tucker voted from his home. Mr. Tucker’s wife helped him fill out his ballot, seal it, and return it to the county auditor’s office via first class mail.

Unfortunately, when the auditor’s office received Mr. Tucker’s ballot, the envelope had been unsealed. Despite following the letter of the law, he has been disenfranchised for reasons outside of his control. In a recently signed affidavit, Mr. Tucker affirms that the ballot received is as he sent it to the county auditor and that it has not been tampered with in any way.

“Due to a physical disability I am unable to cast a vote without assistance. Because of my physical disability, I asked my wife, Linda Tucker, to mark my ballot. She filled it out as I requested, following my instructions as to how I wanted to vote. She did so in my presence…” said Charles Tucker. “I want my vote to be counted.”

Following an initial state recount process that left thousands of ballots in question, Iowa Second Congressional candidate Rita Hart filed a Notice of Contest with the U.S. House of Representatives which details 22 legally-cast ballots like Mr. Tucker’s that were unlawfully excluded from the state-certified results. To read the full Notice of Contest click here. Mr. Tucker’s affidavit can be found on page A-109.

The Iowa Democratic Party is highlighting those 22 uncounted voters to emphasize the U.S. House’s responsibility to ensure that every Iowan’s voice is heard. The project comes as several of the disenfranchised voters have spoken out, demanding that their votes be counted.