As As oral arguments begin in the Trump administration’s lawsuit to eliminate the ACA today, Republicans are taking one step further towards dismantling our national health care system. 

“If Trump and Republicans get their way, millions of Americans will lose their health coverage, insurance companies will be able to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, and out-of-pocket and prescription drug prices will go up,” said IDP Chair Troy Price. “Because of the ACA, hundreds of thousands of previously uninsured Iowans can go to the doctor, more than 1 million Iowans with pre-existing conditions are guaranteed protections, and rural hospitals that rely on Medicaid have more resources to serve our communities. If Trump wins this lawsuit, all of that goes away and the Republicans have no backup plan. Senators Ernst and Grassley, Rep. King and former Rep. David Young voted for the tax bill that cleared the way for this lawsuit, and now they owe Iowans an answer about why they’re still supporting this chaos.”

  • Iowa’s uninsured rate will increase 126 percent and 187,000 Iowans will lose their health insurance coverage if Trump gets his way.
  • Republicans repeatedly promised to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions, but if Trump gets his way, 1.3 million Iowans with pre-existing conditions will lose their guaranteed coverage, and could be denied, dropped, or charged more because of their condition.
  • Trump promised he would put a stop to rising health care costs and even reduce them — but this lawsuit would raise out-of-pocket costs for premiums and prescription drugs.
  • 51,600 Iowa seniors on Medicaid will have to pay more for prescription drugs.
  • Gutting Medicaid expansion would hit rural hospitals and clinics that are already struggling.
  • Every single one of Iowa’s GOP delegation in Washington has voted multiple times to gut the ACA, including essential protections for pre-existing conditions. They also all voted for the tax bill, and defended the provision that laid the foundation for this lawsuit.