The Real “Kim Reynolds Story” Is One of Failed Leadership and Leaving Iowans Behind

//The Real “Kim Reynolds Story” Is One of Failed Leadership and Leaving Iowans Behind

Governor Reynolds hopes to hide the truth about her record with new TV ad

Governor Reynolds is out with a new ad talking about “the Iowa story” but fails to mention how the story of her leadership has been leaving millions of Iowans behind while protecting those who fund GOP efforts.

“The Governor has failed at every turn to put Iowa citizens and Iowa values ahead of the special interests that line her campaign coffers.

The real story of Governor Reynolds’ Iowa is one where schools are underfunded, tuition is going up for college students, nursing homes are no longer inspected, health care is being cut, the rights of so many – workers, minorities, women – are being trampled on, communities – especially rural ones – are in crisis, corporations are receiving tax breaks while the state doesn’t have the money to pay its bills, and countless other examples of Iowans being left behind.

Governor Reynolds is going to do her best to cover up this story, but Iowans are living it every day, and that is why they will elect a new Governor in November,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price.

Reynolds Budget Crisis
Every single service our government provides to help Iowans get ahead is contingent on the budget.

The state of Iowa went from a $1 billion surplus to more than a $200 million deficit because of massive, special interest giveaways pushed by the Reynolds-Branstad Administration. Governor Reynolds and Iowa Republicans are now making working Iowans pay for the shortfall while the corporations and special interests that got the budget busting tax break make off scot-free.

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Under Governor Reynolds, it’s even harder for Iowans to get ahead through education.

School funding levels have failed to keep up with student and teacher needs while Reynolds’ special interest giveaways have skyrocketed. Reynolds also played a key role in stripping teachers of their collective bargaining rights, and she supported diverting public dollars to pay for private schools, despite evidence that it would hurt public schools and only benefit the wealthy.

Her budget crisis forced mid-year budget cuts which Reynolds and her Republican allies aimed at Iowa’s public universities and community colleges, resulting in higher tuition for students trying to get ahead, especially STEM majors.

Health Care
Hardworking Iowans sometimes need help to get ahead, especially when it comes to health care.

Medicaid is one of the best tools at our disposal to give those families the support they need, but under Kim Reynolds, the failures of the program have become black mark on our state.

Despite years of outcry from Iowans suffering under former Governor Branstad’s private Medicaid scheme, it took Reynolds until January 2018 to even admit there was a problem. Furthermore, she decided to tackle said problem by hiring an official from Kansas, whose previous program had also put patients in danger. Reports of inhumane treatment of Iowa citizens keep coming, but Reynolds has refused to consider moving the program back to the cheaper, more effective state-run system.

She has also slashed funding for protections for seniors in nursing homes, despite widespread reports of abuse.

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