Packing plant cases skyrocket as Trump and Reynolds demand plants continue production but not worker protections

DES MOINES — Today, Governor Reynolds is on her way to the White House for a national encore on the confusion, chaos, and worsening crisis caused by her and Trump’s failed response to this pandemic. The visit comes as Iowa plant workers are being forced back onto the line by the Trump Administration with encouragement from Reynolds, while threatening workers fearing infection and refusing to hold companies accountable for putting workers at greater risk.

Governor Reynolds has refused to take decisive action to contain the spread, choosing to give way to corporate CEOs who have poured money into her campaigns, rather than stand up for Iowa workers and demand common sense workplace protections.

As a result, Iowa has distinguished itself as one of the states with the fastest-growing spread in the country – with new modeling showing that the crisis is only growing more severe after Reynolds recklessly relaxed social distancing guidelines. Now, Reynolds is in Washington for a photo-op with Trump, who has abandoned Iowans by refusing to take steps to manufacture and provide the testing, medical equipment, and resources our communities need to stay healthy.

“As cases across the state continue to rise — including in recently re-opened counties — Reynolds boarded a private plane for a last-minute press opportunity in the Oval Office,” said IDP Chair Mark Smith. “If Governor Reynolds really wants to help Iowans, she’ll start listening to the workers and families who desperately need her leadership. Iowans want to work, we take pride in our role in feeding and fueling the world. But there’s no such thing as a safe supply chain without a safe workforce.”

Here’s a look at how Reynolds and Trump’s failed response has undermined Iowa’s ability to stop the spread: