Friday, August 14, 2020


Mike Pence Says State Fairgrounds are “Usually Busier” in the Summertime

Only Has His Own Failed Coronavirus Response to Blame 

DES MOINES — As Iowans are reeling from the $100 million economic loss of a cancelled State Fair, Mike Pence scoffed at a campaign stop that the state fairgrounds are “usually busier” in the summertime.

Iowa Capital Dispatch reported:

“Thursday was originally scheduled to be the first day of the Iowa State Fair, which was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. Pence remarked the fairgrounds are “usually busier” in the summertime.”

Last time Pence was in Iowa, he called Iowa’s response to COVID a “success.” Yet the failed Trump-Pence COVID response has resulted in 50,000 confirmed cases and more than 960 deaths in Iowa alone.

Pence’s campaign visit to Iowa can’t cover up the economic disaster that the Trump administration has created for Iowans. From the disastrous trade war with China, the misuse of ethanol waivers, and the ineffective response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Iowa’s largest economic sector has been left behind by Trump’s agenda at every turn.

The coronavirus crisis did not have to be this bad. This was preventable — but Trump and Pence are the ones to blame for a less busy state fairground.