Mariannette Miller-Meeks Puts Pay for Active Duty Military Members at Risk with Vote to Shut Down Government

Today, Mariannette Miller-Meeks voted once again with the extreme MAGA wing of the GOP to shut down the federal government. She was the only member of Iowa’s congressional delegation to vote against funding the federal government.

If Miller-Meeks had her way, the shutdown would have forced hundreds of thousands of active-duty servicemembers and federal workers to work without pay. The shutdown would also have cut critical programs for families who are struggling with high costs.

Iowans are sick of Miller-Meeks putting politics over people.

“Instead of doing the right thing and voting for the bipartisan federal spending package to ensure our active-duty military members would continue to get paid, Mariannette Miller-Meeks voted to put politics over people,” said IDP spokesperson Paige Godden. “Miller-Meeks’ self-serving vote shows she is running scared and putting her extreme MAGA agenda before Iowans.”