Iowa Republicans Can’t Hide From Their Record Endangering IVF

Zaun, Miller-Meeks, Nunn and Feenstra supported 2019 version of House bill that would put IVF at risk

As poll after poll shows overwhelming support for IVF, Iowa Republicans are desperately running from their long records endangering access to and even criminalizing IVF treatments.

Yesterday, Senator Brad Zaun tried to claim credit for the failure of HF2575 after national outcry. Senator Zaun thinks that his constituents will forget that he voted for the exact same piece of legislation in 2019. The bill passed the State Senate 31-18, with all Republicans voting in favor, and then failed in the House.

Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks and Congressman Zach Nunn also supported the legislation – before it was politically dangerous to do so. Both have tried to run from their extreme records, telling the Des Moines Register they are both pro-life and pro-IVF. How does that work?

It’s not the first time Zach Nunn has tried to erase his far-right stance on women’s rights. During an IA-03 Republican primary debate, Nunn agreed: all abortions should be illegal, with no exceptions for incest or rape. Later, Nunn attempted to tell the Associated Press that he didn’t understand the question asked at the WHO-TV debate.

“Iowa Republicans can’t escape their long records of taking away reproductive freedoms with election year promises,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Rita Hart. “They have catered to the extreme right wing when they thought no one was watching. Iowans know the truth about their records and they will hold them accountable at the voting booth.”