Sunday, October 18, 2020


Iowa Dems Dispatch: Highlights from the Hawkeye State

With 16 days until the election, Iowa Democrats are meeting voters everywhere and growing momentum in the final stretch 

DES MOINES  — Today marks 16 days until November 3rd, and nearly half a million Iowans have already cast their vote in this election. As momentum and excitement for Democrats up and down the ballot continues to grow, Iowa Democrats are traveling the state to meet Iowans and tell voters how they’re fighting for health care, working families, farmers, and more.

 Take a look at some of the highlights from Iowa Democrats this week: 

The “Early Vote Express” is traveling the state to get out the vote:

The Iowa Democrats’ Early Vote Express bus is making stops across the state to energize voters, emphasize the importance of early voting, and promote enthusiasm for Democrats up and down the ticket.

Iowa City Press-Citizen: Iowa Democrats’ ‘Early Vote Express’ tour pulls into Coralville hoping to get out the vote

“Iowa Democrats rolled into Coralville Wednesday morning with the “Early Vote Express,” a tour bus making stops at college campuses, libraries and other satellite voting locations throughout the state.

“Amy Nielsen, D-North Liberty, was on-site to talk to folks about their plan to vote.

“‘My voting plan? I’ve already voted,’ Nielsen said, explaining that she requested an absentee ballot, filled it out and tracked it online to confirm that it’d made it to the Johnson County Auditor’s Office.”

WQAD: Scott County Democrats host pop-up voter registration events

“At the October 11 pop-up at Davenport’s Latin American Citizens Club, Iowa Democrats made a stop on their ‘Early Vote Express’ bus tour. Democratic candidates on the local, state and national level attended to make a pitch for voters to make sure their ballots are in and counted as soon as possible.

“Rita Hart, running for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District, illuminated by a car’s headlights and the tour bus itself, spoke on the importance of listening to every voice and coming together to defeat Covid-19, racial injustice, and educational obstacles.

“She was joined by State Representatives Cindy Winckler and Phyllis Thede, as well as Scott County Supervisor Candidate Jazmin Newton and Scott County Board of Supervisors Candidate Rogers Kirk Jr.”

Decorah News: Biden Campaign Bus Visits Decorah

“Iowa Democrats are holding a statewide bus tour to encourage Iowans to vote early. The ‘Early Vote Express’ is at the Country Inn & Suites on Highway 9 until 12:30 Tuesday afternoon.

“The State Director of the Biden campaign, Lauren Dillon, says the bus will be traveling the entire state of Iowa from now through Election Day.  Dillon says the tour is an effort to give voters information about how they can vote early in the Presidential election.”

Iowa Republicans for Biden pledge support in final stretch: 

This week, as President Trump held a reckless super-spreader rally that endangered the lives of Iowans and the state surpassed 1,500 COVID-19 cases, Republicans for Biden met virtually to pledge their support for the Democratic nominee. These Republicans across Iowa are making the case for why they’re supporting Joe Biden in this critical election as the candidate who will fight for working Iowans.

KCCI: Republicans in Iowa pledge support for Joe Biden during virtual event

“A group of Iowa Republicans met virtually Tuesday to pledge their support for Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“The meeting was part of an event hosted by the Biden campaign called “Republicans for Biden.”

“Among the attendees were former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and former Iowa Congressman Jim Leach.

“Both criticized President Donald Trump for what they called a lack of leadership and explained why they will be voting against their party this year.”

Theresa Greenfield aces agriculture test while Senator Ernst reveals how out-of-touch she is with Iowa farmers: 

During this week’s virtual debate, where Senator Ernst spoke to Iowans from DC where she is working to jam through an anti-health care SCOTUS nominee to repeal the ACA, Theresa Greenfield aced the moderator’s agriculture test. Meanwhile, Ernst showed Iowans she had no idea how much soybeans cost, revealing just how out-of-touch with working Iowans she is.

Iowa Starting Line: It’s Clear Who The Real Scrappy Farmer Is For Iowa Senate

“The veneer of Joni Ernst’s farm girl image got pulled back ever further at last night’s Iowa Senate debate, revealing the foundation of a D.C. politician who lost touch with her roots long ago.

“In what may go down as the defining moment of this year’s high-profile Senate contest, Ernst awkwardly bungled a question about farm prices while her opponent Theresa Greenfield answered a similar query with ease and confidence. Pressed what the breakeven cost of soybeans is currently, Ernst first tried to divert to a completely different topic, pushed back on whether the question was on corn, got the answer wrong, tried to blame Greenfield for not answering, got told she did, then passed on an opportunity to try again.

“‘You grew up on a farm, you should know this,’ moderator Ron Steele of KWWL prodded after Ernst spent nearly a minute talking about trade deals instead.

“‘I think you had asked about corn. And it depends on what the inputs are, but probably about $5.50,” Ernst nervously replied.

“‘Well, you’re a couple dollars off, because it’s $10.05, but we’ll move on to something else’  Steele noted in response, meaning soybeans.”

Congresswoman Finkenauer earned the Dubuque Telegraph Herald’s endorsement:

This week, Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer was endorsed by the Telegraph Herald as a proven fighter for working Iowans in the 1st congressional district.

Telegraph Herald: Our Opinion: Finkenauer merits another term in Congress

“Finkenauer has proven herself in her first term, serving the district well. She deserves to be returned to her seat for a second term. […]

“Finkenauer’s record is that of an Iowa Democrat, not an extremist. She’s not a member of any ideological caucus. In her first two weeks on the job, she passed a bipartisan bill helping create opportunities in rural areas related to government contracts. That became part of a larger package, and today, it’s law. […]

“Finkenauer’s ideals aren’t radical; they’re old-school Democratic. Finkenauer speaks with passion on the topics of how the trade wars have impacted farmers and the need for infrastructure in the state — two areas that illustrate how her compass always points to Iowa.”

Congresswoman Axne, named “most accessible freshman member of Congress,” plans to keep fighting for Iowans:

KETV: Commitment 2020: Congresswoman Cindy Axne wants to represent Iowa’s District 3 again

“‘It’s about going out and listening to the people in the district,’ Axne said.

“Last year, Axne visited every county in her district every month.

“‘In fact, I was named most accessible freshman member of Congress,’ she said.

“Axne is proud of her work in health care, co-sponsoring a bill to expand medical coverage for a year to disadvantaged mothers and babies. That’s an increase from the previous total of 60 days.”

Rita Hart releases new ad focused on ending corruption, working for working families in Congress: 

This week, Rita Hart released a new ad centered around her plans to end corporate influence and corruption in Washington. In Congress, Rita will always put Iowa families first.

JD Scholten continues parking lot rallies and meeting voters everywhere: 

JD Scholten, after finishing his Every Town tour, is continuing to travel Iowa’s 4th congressional district and hold safe, socially distant events to meet voters and tell them about his places to fight for health care and working families.

Sioux City Journal: Scholten parking lot rally in Sioux City draws more than 70 vehicles

“Appearing in a new style of campaigning designed to keep people safe during a time of novel coronavirus spread, J.D. Scholten on Thursday said he should be voted into the U.S. House because he will pursue campaign finance reform and make sure working class families have access to good health care. […]

“‘We are about showing up, we are about answering every question,’ Scholten said, and some of his responses drew support, in the form of people honking horns.

“More than 70 vehicles parked to listen in. Pam Bombey, of Sioux City, said she liked the format, and contrasted it to the large rallies President Donald Trump is using in vying for re-election against Joe Biden.”