Iowa Democrats Call on House Republicans to ‘Get it Together’ and Fund U.S. Government

Iowa Democrats are tired of the time-old Republican tradition of kicking the can down the road, especially when they do so on a time-sensitive issue of critical importance like funding the United States government. 

Two weeks ago, rather than pass a bill to fully fund the government, House Republicans took a lengthy vacation at a time when their service was needed by hundreds of millions of Americans. Now, to make up for the time they’ve wasted, they’ve decided to extend the government’s funding by a measly one week, leaving the nation, our veterans, and our farmers hanging in the balance. 

“The nation — literally — can’t afford to wait for Republicans to finish fighting themselves. Jobs are at risk. Critical services that thousands, if not millions, of Iowans, our veterans, and our farmers rely on are at risk. The perception of America as a functional nation is at risk,” said IDP Chair Rita Hart. “Yet, Republicans continue to prioritize playing politics over doing what is right. Let’s get to work and finally get something done. No more temporary stopgap bills — Republicans need to get their act together, do their job, and pass a bill to fully fund the government, so that we can finally focus on passing bills to help Iowans and the American people.”