This morning, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price released the following statement on the results from the special election in Iowa Senate District 3:

“Iowa Democrats congratulate Todd Wendt, his family, and the incredible activists and volunteers who worked so hard for a different future for their district and their state on a great campaign.  We knew from the start that this was going to be an uphill climb. Trump won the district by 41 points, but the Democrats in Plymouth and Woodbury exceeded all expectations and swung the district 31 points in the blue direction.

While we came up short tonight, Democrats made considerable gains and demonstrated that we can and will fight for every district, every county, and every precinct in Iowa and elect more representatives who will put people first and respect Iowa values.

Iowa Democrats are committed to delivering results for the people of our state – regardless of where they live, how much money they make, or who they vote for. We’re going to keep working in Plymouth, Woodbury, and the 97 other counties across the state to build a brighter future for all Iowans.”