Following the vote today by the full body of the DNC regarding the 2024 Presidential nominating calendar, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Rita Hart released the following statement:

“As a farmer who lives near Wheatland, Iowa, a town of around 800 people, it is vital that small rural states like Iowa have a voice in our Presidential nominating process. Democrats cannot forget about entire groups of voters in the heart of the midwest without doing significant damage to the party. I am especially troubled by the lack of any representation of states in the Central or Mountain time zones. ” 

“I fully believe in and support the President and the principles which informed this proposed calendar. However, this calendar does not appear feasible. As it stands today, of the five states which were granted waivers, one state appears unwilling, and one state appears unable, to meet the conditions on which they were predicated.  This uncertainty means that the matter is far from settled, and Iowa Democrats will continue to be part of the ongoing conversations about the calendar.” 

“Iowa does not have the luxury of conducting a state-run primary, nor are Iowa Republicans likely to support legislation that would establish one. Our state law requires us to hold precinct caucuses before the last Tuesday in February, and before any other contest.”

“The reimagined Iowa Caucuses will be a simplified vote-by-mail process that will increase accessibility, grow our Party and has the opportunity to be one the most inclusive primary process of any state.” 

“When we submit our delegate selection plan to the Rules and Bylaws Committee, we will continue to do what is best for Iowa, adhere to any state legal requirements and utilize the vote-by-mail process outlined in our application for an early-state waiver.”