Governor Reynolds has continued her streak of unpopular decisions in support of her efforts to remain the most unpopular governor in the United States — and Iowans have taken notice. ICYMI:

  • Governor Reynolds went “all-in” on Ron DeSantis — emphasizing how out-of-touch she is with her voters, as DeSantis went on to fall flat at the caucuses before dropping out entirely just days later.

  • Moms for Liberty — a far-right organization Reynolds is openly fond of — hand-picked candidates last year in several school board elections across the state. The Governor’s backing proved unfruitful after Democratic-supported progressive school board candidates trounced Moms for Liberty’s picks in all but one race.

  • Although Governor Reynolds has a supportive majority in both legislative chambers, she can’t seem to pass her most important ones into law. Her abortion ban is still being held up in the Iowa Supreme Court, and just last week, her proposal to strip AEAs across Iowa of their power unleashed a firestorm of public backlash, causing her to walk the proposal back.

But don’t just take it from us — take it from the leader of her own party.

Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee for the Republican nomination for President, has given his full backing to a potential primary challenger to Governor Reynolds.

Or take it from the aforementioned article in the Storm Lake Times Pilot:

“She started out sassy like Sen. Joni Ernst, clever with a simple phrase like “make them squeal.” The difference is that Ernst never got mean about it. Sassy turned to snarly when Reynolds melded minds with Desantis and aroused the great golden bear Trump.” — Storm Lake Times Pilot

“Reynolds was invincible. Now blood is in the water. She is scaling back her legislative ambitions. Income tax cuts top the agenda, which unifies a fractured base. Eventually, snarky doesn’t wear well in Iowa. Mean is worse, rejecting federal aid so poor kids could get better food in the summer.”— Storm Lake Times Pilot

Kim Reynolds is floundering, and Iowans know it — and they’ll have a chance to tell her in 2026.