House Democrats Introduce Bill to Lower Costs for Iowa Students

Iowa Democrats are laser-focused on saving Iowans money, and that includes college students and their families. That’s why Iowa House Democrats introduced legislation today to lower costs for Iowa students seeking higher education which would save Iowa students $2,500 in tuition and fees. At a time when the price of attending college is higher than ever before, this bill will help ensure that every Iowa student who seeks to attend an Iowa college or university can do so at a fair cost.

What does House File 2352 do?

  • Starting for the 2024-25 school year, an in-state freshman undergraduate attending ISU, UNI, or UI would have the same tuition and fees for all four years. 
  • While the freshman class the following year may have higher tuition/fees, it would also be frozen at the same level for four years.
  • The Legislature would make an appropriation each year to ensure quality and budget stability for ISU, UNI, and UI.

“An investment in Iowa education is an investment in Iowa’s future,” said IDP Chair Rita Hart. “Every Iowan deserves the opportunity to attend higher education in pursuit of their own American dream. Iowa Democrats are hard at work to ensure that they can. That’s good for Iowa students, and it’s good for Iowa.”