While Ernst is Silent, Postal Workers Across Iowa are Demanding She Push for Critical USPS Relief

For weeks, Senator Joni Ernst has silently stood behind the GOP’s cuts to the U.S. Postal Service and failed to condemn her party’s explicit effort to break our election system and disenfranchise voters.

After the U.S. House passed $25 billion in pandemic relief for the USPS on Saturday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell released a statement saying that postal workers were trafficking “overblown conspiracy theories” and said that the Senate will “absolutely not” pass the emergency USPS relief. 

While Senator Ernst refuses to stand up to McConnell – whose allies are spending over $50 million to prop up her re-election – Iowa postal workers are holding Ernst’s feet to the fire and demanding action:

“Iowans know that when prescription drugs, payments, and checks show up late, it’s because Senator Ernst failed to show up for them,” said Jeremy Busch, Iowa Democratic Party spokesperson. “Support for the Postal Service should not be political, but Senator Ernst has proven there’s no line she won’t cross to stand behind Mitch McConnell as he continues to harm Iowa. Senator Ernst has spent six years putting her party first – even when Iowans pay the price.”