The Iowa Democratic Party Constitution recognizes fourteen (14) Constituency Caucuses.

The Chair of each Caucus is a voting member of the State Central Committee. The Vice-Chair votes on the SCC in the absence of the Chair. Click here for more information about Caucus leadership.

Each caucus met via teleconference on July 11th to elect Caucus leaders. Constituency caucus nominations are now closed.

To become a member of a Constituency Caucus, click here to register.

To nominate yourself for a leadership position of a Constituency Caucus, click here.

To request a reasonable accommodation to participate in the upcoming Constituency Caucus meeting and election, click here.

To see a list of nominees for Caucus Leadership position, click here.

Iowa Democratic Party Constituency Caucuses:

  • Black

  • Latino

  • Asian & Pacific Islander

  • Disability

  • Stonewall

  • Native American

  • Women

  • Senior/Retirees

  • Labor

  • Rural

  • Progressive

  • Armed Forces Veterans

  • Arab-American

  • Climate Change

Caucus Leadership

  • Caucus Chair – this position typically calls and conducts Caucus meetings, oversees the work of the Caucus, and sets the general direction of the Caucus. The Caucus Chair is a voting member of the IDP State Central Committee.
  • Caucus Vice-Chair – this position assists the Chair with the business of the Caucus; they may help conduct meetings, oversee projects of the caucus, and perform other tasks for the benefit of the Caucus. The Caucus Vice-Chair is an Ex-Officio, Nonvoting Member of the IDP State Central Committee, but votes in the absence of the Caucus Chair.

  • Provisional SCC Member – this position is only used if the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Caucus are voting members on the SCC in another capacity. The provisional SCC Member is not a member of the SCC until the Chair and Vice-Chair both become voting members in another capacity.