• Protecting Our Principles, Standing Up For Iowa Families. Become a part of the Iowa Democratic Party.

Protecting Our Principles, Standing Up For Iowa Families. Become a part of the Iowa Democratic Party.

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DES MOINES – In response to Rep. Steve King’s most recent display of racism, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Derek Eadon issued the following statement:

“Iowa has a rich history of welcoming immigrants and refugees, and we strongly condemn King’s words. Governor Branstad and Kim Reynolds have shared the stage with King and continue to stand beside him. It’s not enough to simply disagree with King by saying his behavior is not indicative of “Iowa values”. King deserves a swift and sharp rebuke from all Iowa GOP leaders. Reynolds condoned King’s history of racist statements by throwing her support to King during last year’s primary.


The Iowa Democratic Party announced today that Kevin Geiken will serve as the new Executive Director of the Party. Geiken is a native of Butler and Franklin counties who attended Iowa State University and has been involved in Iowa politics for over a decade. Kevin worked on Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns, in addition to working for Organizing for America. Geiken served as Deputy Executive Director for the Iowa Democratic Party during the 2014 cycle. Kevin has also worked for a variety of progressive and non-profit clients as a public affairs strategist and event producer. Geiken formerly served as Rules Co-Chair for the Iowa Democratic Party State Central Committee.

“Kevin is one of the most talented organizers and political strategists I have ever worked with in my career,” said IDP Chair Derek Eadon. “I have had a chance to work with Kevin on several projects and his experience and approach are exactly what our party needs right now. Kevin is respected across the state, and he is a nationally renowned trainer and organizer. He has trained hundreds of staff and volunteers in the state and is a natural leader that will help this party move forward united.

“I would also like to thank outgoing Executive Director Ben Foecke for his service and devotion to the party. Ben has worked for the Iowa Democratic Party for 12 years and is one of the reasons our party is as strong as it is today. Ben has selflessly shepherded the party through multiple, tough election cycles, and he is one of the most professional and dedicated leaders I have worked with. The Iowa Democratic Party is stronger because of Ben Foecke. After a well-deserved break, I look forward to seeing what projects he will tackle next.”

DES MOINES – IDP Women’s Caucus Chair, Melinda Jones issued the following statement in recognition of International Women’s Day:

“Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day to commemorate the accomplishments, innovations, and contributions of the brave and talented women who came before us. In Iowa, we are proud of our rich history as a pioneer for women’s rights that includes the first female to practice law and the first state university to admit women as students.

“We remember the brave men and women who fought and died for women’s suffrage and equal rights. We pledge to boldly carry on their legacy of resistance, persistence, and determination. We must encourage all women to carry on the torch from our successes and work to implement the change that is necessary across the globe to see that all women’s rights are recognized and respected.

“As we celebrate our accomplishments and progress, we realize that the fight is far from over as women continue to be undervalued, demeaned and denigrated in every corner of the world. In Iowa and across the United States, women still struggle against misogyny and gender discrimination that often results in sexual, emotional and physical abuse. We must strive on this day and every day to be bold advocates and leaders for change and fight back against institutional sexism and gender inequality.”

DES MOINES–Iowa Democratic Party Chair, Derek Eadon, issued the following statement in response to pro-Trump, “Spirit of America”, rallies held in Iowa today :

“President Donald Trump turned his back on Iowa and the entire farming community this week with an executive order that guts the Renewable Fuels Standard and threatens the livelihood of thousands of Iowa farmers. Reports outlined President Trump’s plans to  eliminate a quota during the refinery process. This is a direct attack on Iowa’s agricultural community. Iowa Democrats believe that “The Spirit of America” includes the hardworking farmers who help feed America and fuel our vehicles. When Iowa farmers start to see a decrease in profits and less money in their bank accounts, they’ll have President Trump to thank and the Iowa Republicans who defended him to blame.