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Protecting Our Principles, Standing Up For Iowa Families. Become a part of the Iowa Democratic Party.

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DES MOINES- In response to Donald Trump becoming the presumptive Republican nominee for  President, IDP Chair Andy McGuire issued the following statement:

“Donald Trump is one of the most dangerous people ever to be nominated for President, and we cannot trust him to lead our nation. His foreign policy stances threaten our national security and alienate our allies. Trump’s proposed trade war with China would cause catastrophe, resulting in job losses and an overall economic downturn. As a candidate, Trump has not ruled out waterboarding as a form of torture. He does not have the temperament, judgment or experience to effectively negotiate with foreign leaders.”


DES MOINES-Last week a Washington Post blogger named Senator Joni Ernst to the short list of possible Vice Presidential candidates for Donald Trump. In April, Ernst admitted that Trump’s shameful bigotry will lose “a number of women”. Apparently, Ernst isn’t one of them.  In response to the recent Vice Presidential rumors, Ernst stated: “I would have to consider it.”

In response to a KMOV report that Ernst would consider joining Donald Trump’s presidential ticket, Iowa Communications Director, Monica Biddix, issued the following statement:

“By considering to be Donald Trump’s running mate, Sen. Joni Ernst is condoning Trump’s despicable remarks against women, veterans and immigrants. Trump’s comments are dangerous, offensive and not in line with the Iowa values Ernst emphasized on the campaign trail.” (more…)

DES MOINES—Today Iowa Democrats held district conventions in all four congressional districts and elected 29 national delegates and 4 alternate delegates.

Below is the breakdown of the district delegates and the district-level national delegates awarded to the preference groups for Clinton and Sanders after the final alignments today. Details on the individuals elected as national delegates will be released in the coming days.





DES MOINES— Earlier this spring, IDP Chair Andy McGuire released the following statement in response to Medicaid privatization:

“It is now incumbent on the Branstad-Reynolds administration and Republican lawmakers to actually listen to the people of Iowa and make certain that this transition takes place as smoothly as possible and does not interrupt care or services.”

At the end of the first month of Iowa’s transition to Medicaid privatization, it’s crystal clear that the Branstad-Reynolds administration and Republican lawmakers have no interest in providing meaningful Medicaid oversight. The Governor’s office added to the confusion by touting misleading claims  that overestimated the number of participating physicians. As problems persist for Medicaid patients across the state, the Branstad-Reynolds administration continues to view the transition through rose-colored glasses by cherry-picking which stories they want to be told. (more…)