• Protecting Our Principles, Standing Up For Iowa Families. Become a part of the Iowa Democratic Party.

Protecting Our Principles, Standing Up For Iowa Families. Become a part of the Iowa Democratic Party.

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Today Troy Price was elected the Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party by the Party’s State Central Committee.

“Troy is exactly who we need leading the Party in this critical moment,” said Interim Chair and 1st Vice Chair Andrea Phillips. “He is someone who knows how to navigate tough campaigns and bring folks together. I am incredibly optimistic about the future of our Party with Troy at the helm.”

Troy Price is a longtime Iowa political operative and strategist as well as a vocal LGBT rights advocate. Raised in Durant, Iowa, Troy has held positions in various campaigns and causes around Iowa since graduating from the University of Iowa in 2004.

Troy has worked for Governor Vilsack and Lt. Gov. Pederson, Governor Culver and Lt. Gov. Judge. He headed Iowa’s largest LGBT advocacy group, One Iowa and has worked behind the scenes as political director for President Obama’s Iowa re-election campaign and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. He has also served as the Iowa Democratic Party’s executive director.

“First, I want to thank my fellow candidates for their dedication to the future of our Party. I know this was a tough choice for our State Central Committee members, and I hope Ms. Stauch and Mr. Krause will continue their valuable activism within the Party.” said Mr. Price.

“I am incredibly honored to serve as Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party. The road ahead will not be easy. We’re facing opposition at every turn, but I am confident that with the best volunteers, activists and candidates, together, we will win up and down the ticket. Our commitment to protecting good, union jobs, growing our economy, protecting women’s rights, and making health care affordable for every family will never waver. The challenges we face as a party are real, but together we can meet them head on. Let’s get to work”

The Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party has called a special meeting of the  State  Central Committee:


Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

at 10:00am

Machinists Hall

(International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers)

2000 Walker St, Des Moines IA 50317


The purpose of this special meeting is to elect a new Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party and to approve the 2018 Caucus to Convention calendar.


Please Call IDP Executive Director Kevin Geiken with any questions at 515.244.7292

In her weekly press conference, Governor Kim Reynolds made it quite clear that not only was she on board with the partisan revenge politics of ACA repeal in Washington, but that she also does not care about the particulars of those efforts, even if they hurt Iowans.

Reynolds expressed frustration with her D.C. colleagues’ inability to come to an agreement on repeal due to several Republican senators’ concerns that the stipulations of the proposal would do great harm to their states and the American people.

Despite the fact that repealing the bill without a replacement would raise premiums by 20%, Reynolds is still staunchly in support of repealing the increasingly popular program.

The Gazette quoted her as saying: “They have to do something. Doing nothing is not an option.”

In that same press conference, Reynolds repeated time and time again that she was only looking for a short term solution, declining to take a position that might result in meaningful change for Iowa.

Last week, Reynolds was just as vague, saying: “My support is for them to get something done. That’s where I’m at.”

“This kind of strict adherence to D.C. partisan politics without attention to the actual substance of policies is disastrous,” said Executive Director Kevin Geiken. “We need leadership that will examine each issue through the lens of what’s best for Iowans. In her seven year tenure, Governor Reynolds has proven that she can’t be trusted to put our state ahead of her blind allegiance to the Republican Party.”

Unlike other GOP Governors who are taking a critical look at the bills coming out of D.C., Reynolds is abandoning Iowans for her party.


In a press conference today, Reynolds once again refused to propose any tangible solutions or support a specific policy that would protect Iowan health care in the face of deep uncertainty in Washington over the fate of health care reform. Instead, she repeated her talking points that claim that the ACA is failing and reasserted her support for repeal.


She went on to imply that she should not be expected to weigh in on the changes to health care bills in Washington:

“This changes every day, you all are constantly asking me to weigh in on whatever the proposal of the day is for each and it fluctuates even within a day.”


Unfortunately for Governor Reynolds, part of her job is to tell the people of Iowa her plans, especially when it impacts their access to life-altering care, their finances, and a significant portion of the state’s economy.


When Reynolds has seen fit to make her position on the health care plan known, she has been in lock step with Washington Republicans. Earlier this month she voiced her support, under no uncertain terms, for Congress to repeal and replace the ACA. The AP Reported:

“Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds says she wants Congress ‘to get something done’ on repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, but she declined to offer specifics.”


While Kim Reynolds has been fully on board with her Republican allies in D.C., many other Republican governors, including John Kasich of Ohio and Brian Sandoval  in Nevada, who have both taken a far more cautious and critical approach to the deals being cut in Washington.


Much like her ideologically motivated approach to the state budget, Reynolds is wholly focused on sticking to her party line rather than taking the time to consider the consequences of her actions.