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Protecting Our Principles, Standing Up For Iowa Families. Become a part of the Iowa Democratic Party.

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“As a doctor, I understand that the quality, affordable health services provided by Planned Parenthood clinics throughout Iowa and nearby states allow nearly 60,000 women and men to meet their health care needs. By singling out this organization, Senator Ernst and her fellow Republicans are constructing economic and accessibility barriers to health care that will make it harder for women and families to lead healthy lives.”

DES MOINES – IDP Chair Dr. Andy McGuire issued the following statement in response to the Iowa Board of Regents’ proposal to raise tuition at three Iowa universities by three percent for the 2016 spring semester. The tuition increase would impact all undergraduate students.

“Iowa Democrats believe that a world-class education system is key to a strong, vibrant economy. At a time when too many students across Iowa are facing the rising cost of college and burdened with crushing student loan debt, the last thing we should be doing is making it harder for young people to get an education and obtain the skills required for good-paying jobs. But thanks to Governor Branstad and Republicans in the legislature, that’s exactly what is now on the table.



Des Moines—Scott Walker laid out a marker for how to judge his candidacy for president in today’s Des Moines Register: “You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.”

We couldn’t agree more. The problem for Iowans and the rest of the country is that the company Scott Walker keeps has convinced him to slash school funding for Wisconsin students, oppose renewable energy initiatives, eliminate basic employee rights for his state’s workers, and move Wisconsin right to the bottom in job growth.


DES MOINES – The chorus of opposition to Governor Branstad’s education funding veto continues to grow louder and louder.

To date, 40 Iowa superintendents (and counting!) have voiced their strong opposition to Branstad’s education veto. The reason for their opposition is clear: Branstad’s education veto will have a devastating impact on local schools this year.