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Protecting Our Principles, Standing Up For Iowa Families. Become a part of the Iowa Democratic Party.

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The State Central Committee passed several resolutions in support of DACA and with guidance regarding the recent streak of hate incidents in Iowa.
Today, the State Central Committee of the Iowa Democratic Party officially announced several resolutions reaffirming the Party’s commitment to protecting the American Dream for all residents of Iowa.
“Our goal with these resolutions was to make clear that we stand with the people. We stand for opportunity for all because we know that discrimination and hate only makes us weaker. Iowa is stronger when Iowa is committed to creating a welcoming community that ensures every family has a shot at the American Dream. We can’t let the politics of selfishness and division win. No one gets left behind; we can only rise up together,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price.The resolutions are as follows:

Resolution:  The Iowa Democratic Party supports all DACA recipients and calls on the U.S. Congress to pass the DREAM Act and establish a clear pathway to citizenship.

Resolution:  The State Central Committee of the Iowa Democratic Party encourages Democrats to reach out to local government bodies and employers to have the difficult conversations on race, ethnicity and national origin, and to ask what their policies are and identify our allies.

Resolution:  A resolution stating that Iowa should be recognized as a safe state for DACA recipients.

Instead of Addressing Reynolds Budget Crisis, Governor Holds Political Fundraiser
Today, the day after Governor Kim Reynolds announced she would be borrowing an additional $13 million from Iowa’s rainy-day fund to close the gap created by the Reynolds Budget Crisis, the Iowa Democratic Party is throwing it back to a hilarious fundraising email she sent just last month titled “Watching out for taxpayer dollars!”

As a reminder, despite her laughable claims of fiscal responsibility, this is the Governor who borrowed $131 million this spring, cut upwards of $100 million from vital Iowa services in the middle of the year, and is now leaving Iowa towns and schools holding the bag for her financial mismanagement by withholding promised funds. And then yesterday, to duck accountability for her actions, Reynolds sent her staff to announce that she would be borrowing another 13 million from the State’s rainy-day fund.

The one point on which the governor is consistent, however, is her dedication to fundraising. Yesterday, she did not have time to explain to Iowans why she borrowing against our future to pay for special interest giveaways. But she did have time to attend a fundraiser for her gubernatorial campaign.

“This is a new level of hypocrisy from Governor Reynolds and the Iowa GOP. At a time when we so desperately need steady, responsible leadership, they have taken a $1 billion surplus and turned it in to a $350 million dollar deficit,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price. “There’s no excuse – that’s bad management. If Iowans can’t trust Reynolds and the GOP to manage our tax dollars wisely, how can we trust them to run the state? Democrats have effectively managed the budget before, and we’re ready to come to the table with long-term solutions. Unfortunately, it seems like Governor Reynolds would rather dodge responsibility than govern.”

Today, a spokesperson for Governor Kim Reynolds announced that the Governor would be ducking responsibility for the Reynolds Budget Crisis and risk waiting until 2018 to fix the massive budget issues facing the state.
Five years ago, the state of Iowa had a budget surplus of nearly $1 billion and another $600 million in reserves, but today the Reynolds Administration is officially closing the books on a $350 million dollar deficit in the last fiscal year—a direct result of the massive special interest tax giveaways she championed in 2013.

While Governor Reynolds may try to hide from her responsibilities, she can’t escape the impacts the Reynolds Budget Crisis is having across Iowa:

recent report from the Des Moines Register found that not only have these handouts destroyed our financial stability, they have not produced the economic gains Reynolds and her team promised.

These special interest giveaways are depriving Iowa’s towns of revenue they were promised to keep vital services like schools and law enforcement running. Just yesterday, Reynolds announced that, thanks to the Reynolds Budget Crisis, she may not be providing those promised resources to local towns and schools after all.

Iowa towns and all those who rely on the services provided by them (roads, police, etc) are not the only ones suffering from the blowback of the Reynolds Budget Crisis.

Under cuts forced by the Reynolds Budget Crisis, Iowa’s schools were significantly underfunded. Third graders in need of assistance to reach critical reading levels were stripped of a promised summer program. Schools were forced to look at consolidations and growing class sizes. Slashed resources for state universities and community colleges have led to tuition hikes, passing on the cost of Reynolds’ cuts to Iowa families.

Cuts hit the Department of Human Services hard, putting lives, including those of children and seniors, in danger. As Iowa still reels from reports of teen girls in foster care starving to death last year due to failures of underfunded DHS programs, further cuts call the Department’s ability to care for the most vulnerable Iowans into even sharper question.

Even following stories of rampant abuse going unreported in nursing homes, Governor Reynolds told the agency that serves as a nursing home watchdog to tighten their belts—even after the Director said there was nothing left to cut but services.

By hiding from her own budgetary disaster and punting to save political face, Governor Reynolds is only ensuring that these problems will get worse over the next year.

“Kim Reynolds is trying to hide from her own budgetary disaster to avoid political blame, risking our future more than she already has with her fiscally irresponsible special interest handouts,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price. “But she can’t hide from the impact of the Reynolds Budget Crisis. Iowa families already feel the pain from her mismanagement. Iowans will remember Reynolds’ cowardice and refusal to do her job in 2018.”

As Iowa grapples with the Reynolds Budget Crisis, Governor Reynolds tells towns and schools they’re on their own to tighten their belts and solve her shortfall

In her press conference today, Governor Reynolds callously told cash-strapped local towns and schools across Iowa that they’re on the hook to clean up her budgetary mess.

When asked about the Reynolds Budget Crisis’ impact on Iowa towns and schools who stand to lose millions of promised dollars needed to fund local services, Reynolds told these municipalities and school districts to tighten their own belts by slashing services.

Instead of taking responsibility for the devastating budgetary impact of her giveaway to special interests, Governor Reynolds said that Iowa towns need to “look for efficiencies in providing services. We’ve done that at the state level, so it’s incumbent upon them to do the same thing.”

Towns across the state have made clear that they will either have to cut services or raise taxes to pay for the shortfall caused by the Reynolds Budget Crisis.

Similarly, when schools lost a good deal of the funding they were promised earlier this year due to the Reynolds Budget Crisis, Governor Reynolds told them that they were “very fortunate” to receive the money they did, and did not rule out further cuts.

“Once again, Governor Reynolds is sticking by special interests and telling Iowans to foot the bill,” said Iowa Democratic Party Executive Director Kevin Geiken. “It’s her job as governor to manage the budget so that the State doesn’t bankrupt our cities and schools; it’s her job to bring solutions to the table. Instead, Reynolds tells the people of Iowa that we need to slash the local schools and services we depend on while she doles out big special interest tax giveaways.”