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Unchecked by Reynolds, the Administration’s Trade War means more bad news for rural Iowans on the horizon.

Kim Reynolds has failed rural Iowa time and time again. Recent analysis from the Legislative Services Agency found that since 2012, Iowa’s farmland values have dropped over 11% with more trouble almost certainly on the way due to the escalating Trade War.The Des Moines Register reported last week that Iowa farmers stand to lose $624 million due to the Administration’s Chinese tariffs on top of the $560 million Iowa’s pork producers will lose because of tariffs on Mexico. Furthermore, on Monday, the Administration announced a new $200 billion dollars in additional Chinese tariffs, which will further drive devastating losses to Iowa’s agriculture economy.

“Rural Iowa is hurting because of Kim Reynolds and the GOP. Schools lack the money they need. People can’t get health care. And now, the Administration’s Trade War is going to take money out of the pockets of our farmers and Kim Reynolds remains silent. Kim Reynolds has failed rural Iowa, and it is time for new leadership that will once again fight for all Iowans. It’s time for Fred Hubbell,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price.

Even in the face of human rights abuses being committed by the Federal Government, Governor Reynolds chose politics over real leadership.

She declined the opportunity to hold the Administration directly accountable for their cruel family separation policy at the border, instead following their talking points and passing the buck off the Congress.

Reynolds also said nothing about her campaign co-chair saying he didn’t understand why Americans are so horrified by the Administration separating families. This comes after she did not hold Congressman King accountable in any way for promoting a neo-Nazi’s anti-immigrant agenda.

While Reynolds gives the Administration another free pass, other Republicangovernors and senators are condemning the action and looking for solutions.

“The fact that Governor Reynolds refuses to hold this Administration accountable for this is nothing more than a callous calculation by a governor who would rather let a political crony off the hook than stand up for Iowa values. She should be ashamed of herself,” said Iowa Democratic Party Spokesperson Tess Seger.

Today, the Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price condemned the Trump Administration’s Family Border Separation policy in the following statement:

“Until the Trump Administration, the United States was a beacon of hope. Now,  we are seeing a cruel policy put in place that goes against centuries of American values of freedom, liberty, and welcoming those with open arms.  This voluntary Trump Administration policy is a stain on the soul of our nation and, history shows us, will not actually prevent more people from trying to come to our country. 

This should not be a partisan issue. The fact that children are being ripped away from their mothers is morally wrong and simply un-American. 

Now is the time for Americans to stand up and be heard, just as our party did this past Saturday by officially condemning these actions. In accordance with our convention, we are calling on the Trump Administration to immediately cease this policy of separating families seeking asylum, safety and opportunity in the United States.”

In the most recent Editorial from the Des Moines Register, Governor Reynolds is raked over the coals for her thin, personal attacks against Fred Hubbell and stunningly bad leadership for Iowa families. Full text of the scorching editorial can be found below:

DES MOINES REGISTER EDITORIAL BOARD: Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds’ comments on rival Fred Hubbell’s wealth are rich with irony

“Gov. Kim Reynolds is apparently fixated on the personal wealth of her Democratic challenger, Fred Hubbell. She brought it up again at the recent Republican Party state convention: “That’s OK, because we do celebrate wealth in this country. But I have to ask, does he really understand the tough decisions families are making every day to make ends meet?”

The irony is almost too much. Reynolds is an enthusiastic member of a political party that has never met a tax cut for the rich it didn’t like and continually seeks to erode the very programs struggling families need, including food assistance and health insurance.

She has been part of a GOP administration in Iowa that busted public unions, starved public services, made it more difficult for women to obtain birth control and refused to raise the minimum wage. Heck, the Republican-controlled Legislature in 2017 proactively eliminated counties’ abilities to enforce local minimum wages higher than the pathetic state rate of $7.25.

So much for local control. So much for the Iowans trying to “make ends meet.”

Since the current governor is apparently now taking an interest in financially strapped families, she should read a new report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

Despite having some of the least expensive housing in the country, Iowa’s minimum wage falls far below what workers need to earn to be able to afford rent.

The report, “Out of Reach,” found a tenant would need to earn $15.01 per hour, or more than $31,000 per year, to afford a two-bedroom rental home. (And two bedrooms might be needed for women who cannot obtain contraception, get pregnant and then must give birth if the anti-abortion fetal heartbeat bill signed by Reynolds goes into effect.)

An individual earning Iowa’s minimum wage of $7.25 per hour would need to work 83 hours per week to be able to afford a two-bedroom rental at the state’s fair market rate of $781, according to the housing report. A one-bedroom would require 65 hours of work per week.

Perhaps instead of advocating tax giveaways to flourishing big businesses, Reynolds will start advocating for businesses to pay higher wages. The average pay for Iowa renters is $12.50 an hour, compared with a national average of $16.88 an hour.

Perhaps the current governor will push for the state to finally expand eligibility for financial assistance to help more working, low-income parents pay for child care.

Maybe she will start celebrating Obamacare, which delivered health insurance to 150,000 low-income Iowans through a Medicaid expansion created under the law.

Reynolds’ campaign strategy of trying to use Hubbell’s affluence against him is especially ironic coming from a governor who remains a steadfast supporter of the current president. Donald Trump was born into a wealthy family and, as a businessman, underpaid or didn’t pay numerous laborers working at his properties. These include a dishwasher, carpet company, plumber, painters and waiters, according to a USA Today investigation.

If Reynolds wants to help working Iowa families, there is much she can do. That includes calling the White House daily to express disdain for Trump’s tariffs, which could lead to financial disaster for farmers and entire rural communities.”