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Protecting Our Principles, Standing Up For Iowa Families. Become a part of the Iowa Democratic Party.

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DES MOINES – IDP Chair Dr. Andy McGuire issued the following statement in celebration of Thanksgiving:


“On behalf of the Iowa Democratic Party, I would like to wish all Iowans a happy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time to be with friends,family and loved ones, to take a step back from our busy lives and reflect on all we are thankful for. And this year, Iowa Democrats have much to be thankful for:


DES MOINES – The Dubuque Telegraph Herald reported this weekend that the 60 Plus Association, a Koch Brothers-funded group that advocates for turning Medicare into a voucher program and privatizing Social Security, awarded Rod Blum with the misleadingly titled “Guardian of Seniors Rights Award.”


DES MOINES – Every day, it seems, enrollees, caregivers, providers and hospitals are raising serious concerns about the Branstad administration’s Medicaid privatization plan. This is no surprise since the Branstad administration thus far has been unable to answer Iowans’ questions about the change.

But instead of taking a prudent approach and delaying implementation until all questions and concerns can be adequately addressed, the Branstad administration is recklessly moving forward with its plan to have Medicaid privatization take effect on January 1st.

It is crystal clear that the Branstad administration is not listening to Iowans, who are sending a stark message to Governor Branstad and his administration: halt Medicaid privatization now.



DES MOINES—If Marco Rubio’s Iowa campaigning these past few days has revealed one thing, it’s that there are no bounds he won’t cross and no situations he won’t exploit to advance his political career.


At no time did this become more clear than on Fox News yesterday, when Rubio responded to a question on whether foreign policy would give him a “boost with voters” by suggesting that the terrorist attacks in Paris were a “positive development” for the presidential campaign (Watch video here).