Writing to Right Our State: Iowans Blanket Local Newspapers with Letters to the Editor Supporting Democratic Candidates

//Writing to Right Our State: Iowans Blanket Local Newspapers with Letters to the Editor Supporting Democratic Candidates
“Like Robert Ray, Fred Hubbell is a respected civic leader – moderate, thoughtful, consensus-building, and forward-looking.”
Iowans from river to river are writing their local papers in support of Iowa Democrats’ outstanding slate of candidates.

Here’s a selection of our favorites:

Letter: Hubbell a respected leader
10.29.18 | Charles Bruner, Ames Tribune

When I was a freshman, minority party legislator in 1979, Bob Ray was governor. When I introduced legislation on energy conservation, he called me to his office. He said he liked my ideas. If I would work with his administration, and not be partisan, he would work with me to advance them. I agreed, and Iowa increased its promotion of and funding for energy conservation. 

During that session, I also worked with Governor Ray’s office to expand Medicaid coverage for pregnant women and protect seniors from abusive health insurance marketing. I not only valued Governor Ray’s support on these specific issues, but his overall approach to governing. Governor Ray remains one of Iowa’s most respected governors – moderate, thoughtful, consensus-building, and forward-looking. His administration is recognized for expanding Iowa’s community college system, establishing collective bargaining, welcoming refugees, minimizing tax breaks for the wealthiest, and making Iowa’s public education system a source of pride. 

Unfortunately, in the last two years Republicans have moved backward on many of Governor Ray’s accomplishments, as well as his approach to governing. They cut budgets for community colleges and the regents institutions, decimated Iowa’s collective bargaining law, privatized Medicaid and cut family planning services, added costly tax breaks for the wealthy, and starved public education. They listened more to outside interest groups than to the broad range of Iowa voters. 

Like Robert Ray, Fred Hubbell is a respected civic leader – moderate, thoughtful, consensus-building, and forward-looking. He is campaigning on issues, many to restore policies that Governor Ray initiated. I have worked and collaborated with many Republicans on public policies – many considering themselves “Robert Ray Republicans.” Their views improved my own and advanced sound governing. For those who remember Robert Ray as I do and want that type of governing again, I urge you to support Fred Hubbell for governor.

Letter: Finkenauer ready to learn on the job
10.25.18 | Judy and Bill Burns, Dubuque Telegraph Herald
We will be voting for Abby Finkenauer for Congress. We like her passion and her comfortably assertive focus. We see a person who is willing to learn on the job and listen to her constituents in Iowa’s 1st District.

Her story is about local Iowans and listening to their problems and needs and working to find acceptable solutions. And her pugnacious nature should challenge others not to take her for granted.

Her opponent, Congressman Blum, has been trumpeting the two recent Republican tax bills as a financial panacea for the middle class, when in fact they primarily benefit corporations and wealthy billionaires and millionaires, like Mr. Blum.

He also trumpets, and supports, the Republican cry to “drain the swamp,” when our government has become a cesspool of indicted officials, blatant lying, graft, corruption, immigrant discrimination, misogyny, voter suppression and a president who is bent on alienating our international allies and instead is coveting leaders who are intoxicated by power, control and financial reward for personal gain.

So Abby, you go get him girl.

Vote Democratic on Nov. 6
10.28.18 | Linda Boardsen, Clinton Herald

In 1935, Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law. In 1965, Democratic President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicare and Medicaid into law.

In 2010, Democratic President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law. The ACA mandated that pre-existing conditions be covered, stopped cancellation of health care policies if policyholders became ill and insisted coverage for routine, preventative care.

Republicans are insisting that “Entitlement Programs” must now be cut due to the deficits created by their drastic tax cuts that benefited the top 1 percent. Social Security and Medicare are not exactly “Entitlement Programs” as Americans contribute to these programs out of their paychecks. Social Security would be solvent if individuals earning over $128,000 had to pay into the Social Security program.

Republican attorneys general are looking to roll back the coverage of pre-existing conditions and are suing the Justice Department to do so. Republicans are also looking to privatize Medicaid across the country. We know in Iowa the devastating effects of privatization of Medicaid. Rural nursing care facilities and hospitals may close. Even the new state-of-the-art children’s hospital in Iowa City is at risk.

Fortunately, Iowans have a means of fighting back on Nov. 6, 2018 by re-electing Congressman Dave Loebsack and electing Fred Hubbell along with Rita Hart to the Iowa governor’s office. Democratic Attorney General Tom Miller would not dream of asking the Justice Department to revoke coverage of pre-existing conditions. State Senate candidate Patti Robinson worked several years as a Medicaid case manager ensuring that every-day Iowans received needed health care, including mental health services.

State Representative Mary Wolfe has tirelessly fought education budget cuts.

Iowans deserve affordable, quality health care and excellent public schools. Democrats work hard to rebuild and strengthen these vital components of a strong Iowa economy. Vote for Democrats on Nov. 6!

Republican says she can’t vote for Young again
10.29.18 | Carrie Norris, Des Moines Register

I have been a lifelong Republican. In fact, I voted for Rep. David Young twice. I will not be voting for him again.

Last year, Young told my coworkers at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society that he planned to vote against the Republican health care bill that would have made it harder for people with pre-existing conditions to access affordable health care coverage.

Just hours later, he turned his back on them and voted in favor of the bill.

Once you’ve had someone in your life who requires daily medical care, you understand why guaranteed affordable coverage for pre-existing conditions is so important. My dad was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 59. He was the healthiest person I’d ever met. After beating his first diagnosis, he couldn’t work. And then the cancer came back.

This year alone, over a million people will be diagnosed with cancer. We have a responsibility to make sure that getting sick won’t bankrupt a hardworking family.

We deserve someone in Washington who will advocate for us. Someone who will not lie to us, and will do what is right for Iowans.

That’s why I’m voting for Cindy Axne this year. We have a job to put someone in Washington who will look out for us, and I’m confident she will do that.

Letter: Scholten, Weaver deserve your vote on Tuesday
11.1.18 | Laura Hutchcroft, Boone News-Republican

I was a few months away from turning 50 when I drove myself to the emergency room, walked in the door, and collapsed. The swelling that had been gradually building up and putting pressure on my brain was causing my body to shut down.

Eight days later I left the hospital with a new preexisting condition, a bill for nearly $160,000, and the threat of bankruptcy. I had been uninsured since I left my corporate job, and premiums became unaffordable. Thankfully, I lived in a state that had set up a not-for-profit assistance program.

Their help prevented my bankruptcy, and saved my small business.

Because my small business survived, my employees kept their jobs. I continued to purchase supplies from my vendors, to use the services of other local small businesses, and retailers that sold my products continued to profit from them. So, their employees kept their jobs too. Insurance is not just about the health of the person in crisis.

It’s about the economic health of our communities.

Republican’s have held 70 votes attempting to repeal or otherwise curb the Affordable Care Act, including eliminating pre-existing condition protections. Democrats voted to protect it, and Democratic candidates have promised to continue that protection. Please consider how access to healthcare affects you and your community, and vote for J.D. Scholten, Iowa’s 4th Congressional district candidate, and David Weaver, Candidate for House District 47.

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