Ernst incredulously says “changing shifting demographics in Iowa” are why she’s facing a tough re-elect and biggest slide in net approval 

Morning Consult Poll: “Iowa voters of all partisan leanings soured on the first-term senator

In a radio interview with AM Quad Cities this week, Senator Joni Ernst admitted that she’s among the most vulnerable Senators in the country but instead of taking responsibility for an unpopular record of putting Washington Republicans like Mitch McConnell and the special interests first, she blamed Iowans:

  • Host: “I don’t know if you want to confirm this here on the show or not, but there was a meeting with the vice president. And you said in a closed door meeting, there are reports that you are the fifth most vulnerable Senator right now. Can you talk about the race and how much more money the Democrats are seeming to raise than your campaign is raising?”

  • Ernst: “Yep, you bet. And no, that’s actually if you go back I think Charlie Cook is the one that reported that. You know one of his, one of his, you know… studies. So there are a lot of vulnerable folks out there. And yes, just with changing shifting demographics in Iowa. Um, you know, that is true. I’ll say that, that is true.”

Listen here at 7-minute mark.

Senator Ernst is among the most unpopular Senators in the country and “has some work to do to solidify her standing with voters” in her increasingly shaky re-election bid. She has floated toxic proposals to chip away at Iowans’ hard-earned retirement security, helped put anti-ethanol fossil fuel lobbyists in charge of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, passed massive tax cuts for corporations, and failed to take a meaningful stand against Washington Republicans’ reckless trade war that’s devastated Iowa farm communities.

Now, even as it puts her at odds with the hardworking Iowa families she’s supposed to represent, Ernst’s out-of-touch record is having consequences — as her approval rating slides underwater and leading elections experts shift the Iowa Senate race in Democrats’ direction, Mitch McConnell’s dark money allies are racing in to prop up her lagging campaign.