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Mark Smith
Mark SmithChair
Mark Smith is a sixth generation Iowan currently serving his 10th term in the Iowa House representing Marshalltown. Mark formerly served as House Democratic Leader. He was born in Osceola.

Mark and his wife, Karen Lischer, have been married for 32 years. They have a daughter, Allie. Mark is the former foster parent of two, Kevin Eggert of Clearfield and Darwin Eggert of Henok, and is now a grandparent to eleven foster grandchildren.

June Owens
June Owens1st Vice Chair
June Owens is serving as the elected 1st Vice Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party as of December 2019, having previously held the positions of 2nd and 3rd Vice Chair.

A catalyst for change, inclusion and diversity in the state, June is a barrier breaker within the Party. She is the first African American to serve as a Vice Chair for the Iowa Democratic Party, and she is the first African American to serve as a DNC member from Iowa.

June is committed to Democratic engagement on every level – from re-engaging eligible voters at their doors to leading as a precinct captain on several campaigns and serving as Affirmative Action Chair for the Polk County Democrats. In 2016, June provided organizing and party-building support for Secretary Hillary Clinton at her Iowa presidential campaign headquarters and served as staff on the Mowrer for Congress campaign.

She also was inducted into the IDP Hall of Fame in recognition of her efforts.

June is committed to building an equitable pathway to a deeper Democratic bench, and has served as Interim Executive Director and Board Member for Emerge Iowa.

A Des Moines resident, June is a member of several community organizations including, but not limited to: the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute (Member of the Board of Governors) and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Tanner Halleran
Tanner Halleran2nd Vice Chair
Tanner Halleran, 20, was elected 2nd Vice Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party in the fall of 2019. A lifelong Iowan and resident of Sigourney, Halleran got involved in local and state politics during the 2016 cycle. At 17 and a half, he was elected as the youngest County Chair in the state, leading Keokuk County.

Since getting involved and being elected County Chair, Halleran has also held positions within the 2nd District Democrats and College and Young Democrats of Iowa’s Executive Boards. From this position, he hopes to promote issues of accessibility for youth and rural Democrats, as well as working overall to strengthen the Iowa Democratic Party.


Ray Feuss
1st District Member
(319) 310-8014

Kelli Harrison
1st District Member
(309) 645-4960

Pete Hird
1st District Member
(563) 212-1529

Pat Loeffler
1st District Member
(319) 560-3554

Shelley Parbs
1st District Member
(319) 560-5403

Rosemary Schwartz
1st District Member
(319) 504-9376

Joey Zahorik
1st District Member
(720) 391-6731

Allison ‘Sunny’ Story
1st District Member
(319) 360-3335

Jean Pardee
2nd District Member
(563) 242-8111

Ryan Drew
2nd District Member
(319) 759-3188

Tanner Halleran
2nd District Member
(641) 224-2399

Shawn Harmsen
2nd District Member
(319) 325-0163

Melinda Jones
2nd District Member
(641) 682-8398

Marty O’Boyle
2nd District Member
(563) 370-8742

Janice Weiner
2nd District Member
(571) 426-9869

Allison Ritchie
2nd District Member
(563) 571-6330

Carl McPherson
3rd District Member
(515) 480-7032

Bill Brauch
3rd District Member
(515) 314-9591

Bonnie Brown
3rd District Member
(515) 443-7108

Mary Jane Cobb
3rd District Member
(515) 681-5932 |

Annaleah Moore
3rd District Member

Al Womble
3rd District Member
(920) 284-3824

Paula Martinez
3rd District Member
(515) 989-0408

Sean Bagniewski
3rd District Member
(515) 556-9111

Jeremy Dumkrieger
4th District Member
(712) 301-6869

Julie Goepfert
4th District Member

Landra Reece
4th District Member
(515) 298-3775

Jon Klein
4th District Member
(502) 226-0960

Doug Neys
4th District Member
(515) 450-7260

Chris Petersen
4th District Member
(641) 425-8760

Penny Rosfjord
4th District Member
(712) 574-9827

Emma Schmit
4th District Member
(712) 830-3748

Sandy Opstvedt
DNC Member
(515) 291-0093

Scott Brennan
DNC Member
(515) 778-5122

Jan Bauer
DNC Member at Large
(515) 292-3739

Karen Mackey
Affirmative Action Chair
(712) 223-0931

Olivia Habinck
CYDI President
(319) 429-2376

Melissa Peterson
Rules Chair
(515) 321-2027

Mark Olberding
Platform Chair
(515) 382-6955

Ron Healey
Armed Forces/Veterans Caucus Chair
(563) 599-7802

Holly Brown
Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus Chair
(319) 329-4466

Jamie Woods
Black Caucus Chair
(563) 484-9852

Catherine Crist
Disability Caucus Chair
(319) 390-4215

Laura Hubka
Disability Caucus Vice Chair
(319) 231-4396

Danny Homan
Labor Caucus Chair
(515) 210-8936

Tammy Wawro
Labor Caucus Vice Chair
(515) 681-5931

Araceli ‘Sally’ Goode
Latinx Caucus Chair
(515) 689-4956

Steve Villatoro
Latinx Caucus Vice Chair
(515) 778-1617

Lutisha Dumkrieger
Native American Caucus Chair
(712) 301-6470

Christina Blackcloud
Native American Caucus Vice Chair
(641) 481-0419

Lindsey Ellickson
Progressive Caucus Chair
(319) 540-4560

Jason Frerichs
Progressive Caucus Vice Chair

Colleen Caldwell
Rural Caucus Chair
(319) 359-8687

Glenn Hurst
Rural Caucus Vice Chair
(402) 290-8507

Ruth Thompson
Senior/Retiree Caucus Chair
(309) 333-7360

Terryl ‘Terry’ Stewart
Senior/Retiree Caucus Vice Chair
(563) 563-4419

Kyla Paterson
Stonewall Caucus Chair

Nick Kruse
Stonewall Caucus Vice Chair
(217) 617-6174

Jean Hessburg
Women’s Caucus Chair
(515) 314-8799

Robin Covington
Women’s Caucus Vice Chair
(515) 657-1421

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