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What We Believe In

As Democrats and as Iowans, we share a common set of values that can be boiled down to one seemingly simple belief: we believe in the people of Iowa.

Regardless of who you are, where you are from, or who you love, Democrats believe that every Iowan has value, that every Iowan should be heard, and that the only way for our country to succeed – the only way for our state to succeed – is if everyone is able to share in that success.

We support the rights of all people to be treated fairly under the law.

The Iowa Democratic Party stands for education and the opportunity it represents for all Iowans.

We support all Iowa families in their pursuit of the American Dream.

We support farmers and small business owners as they seek to build a good life for their communities, while also protecting and nurturing the natural resources that are a foundation of our state.

We believe that our military members and veterans deserve our support in peace time and in war time.

We believe the elderly have the right to be treated with dignity.

We believe that our foreign policy should be one of cooperation to find peaceful, prosperous solutions for all peoples around the globe.

The Iowa Democratic Party condemns all forms of discrimination, whenever the rights of any citizens are threatened the rights of all citizens are endangered.

Above all, we believe that Iowa should be a shining example of justice, equality, and prosperity for all.

What We Are Fighting For

Every Iowan has an ally and an advocate in the Iowa Democratic Party.

It’s time for us to put the people back in charge, and that is exactly what Democrats are going to do in 2018.

We’re going to go out and fight for fully-funded schools that will give our children the future they deserve.

We’re going to fight to make sure that every single person is has economic security with a job that pays them – not just a minimum wage – but a living wage.

We’re going to fight for collective bargaining rights that get us those wages and working conditions.

We’re going to fight for every Iowan to love who they love and be who they are.

We’re going to fight to make sure that rural communities have the support they need and finally clean up our environment.

We’re going to fight for every woman to make her own decisions about her own body.

We’re going to fight for every Iowan’s right to health care.

Simply put – We are going to fight for the people of Iowa.