IDP calls on Reynolds to release records of communication with Trump and clearly say where she stands on her party’s trade war.

Today, the Iowa Democratic Party is calling on Governor Reynolds to release the proof behind her claims she has stood up to the White House on trade and clearly say where she stands on her party’s trade war – a war that is now threatening Iowa’s two biggest trading partners.

In response to serious questions about her lack of action on the trade war, Reynolds bragged that she stood up to the Administration on this issue, but Iowans still haven’t seen any results. That’s why the IDP is calling on Reynolds to release all records of her communications with the White House since May 2017, including her June 2017 meeting, her October 2017 call with the President, and her April 2018 meeting with him in Washington D.C. on trade.

“Empty political rhetoric just isn’t enough for the Iowa farmers losing hundreds of millions of dollars because Kim Reynolds can’t effectively advocate for Iowa or come up with solutions to help Iowa families survive,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price. “Iowans need answers. We need to know exactly what the Governor did when she negotiated with the Administration on the Trade War and where she stands on it continuing.”