Will Kim Reynolds Continue Her Negative Campaign Streak At First Debate?

//Will Kim Reynolds Continue Her Negative Campaign Streak At First Debate?
During a Recent Campaign Stop in Linn County, Governor Reynolds’ Own Supporters Are Now Asking Her to Stop Negative Campaign 

Since Primary Election Night, Governor Reynolds Has Focused Solely On Negative, Personal Attack Against Her Opponent

From the start of the general election, Kim Reynolds has focused solely on personally attacking her opponent with a negative campaign, drawing criticism from even her own party leaders and supporters.

Back in June, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley was vocal in his critique of Governor Reynolds’ negative campaigning and personal attacks on Fred Hubbell saying, “I don’t think that’s smart,” it’s “a problem,” and that she should “stick to policy.”

That has been further echoed by a former Branstad Chief of Staff, Doug Gross, who called her recent negative attack ad “ineffective,” as well as Republican strategist Craig Robinson, who said,“[Governor Reynolds] is not really focused on her accomplishments and what the Republican legislature has done…” and stated he “would feel better about this campaign moving forward if Reynolds was more positive…this is a negative campaign from her.”

Now, even her own supporters are turning on her divisive, negative campaign. At a recent lunch with Republicans in Linn County, the governor got an earful from Republican voters about the type of campaign she has been running.

“They’re saying: ‘When are the positive ads coming?’” Reynolds recounted for reporters later. “So I hear that a lot.” 

“Without a positive record or vision to run on, Governor Reynolds has resorted to a purely, negative mudslinging campaign. How many more people need to come forward and ask for Governor Reynolds to end the negative campaigning before she listens?” said Democratic Party Chair Troy Price.

“The first debate will be telling as to whether or not Governor Reynolds will hear Iowa voters who want to talk about the issues. Tonight, Fred Hubbell will be talking about those issues — from reversing Medicaid privatization, to addressing our mental health crisis, to ensuring every Iowan gets a quality education — and bringing the needed change Iowans deserve. We hope she gives Iowa voters the respect to join that important conversation.”

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