Governor Reynolds has a tough decision to make this Wednesday when Vice President Pence visits the state: will she stand with Iowa farmers and hold Vice President Pence accountable by refusing to help him campaign until there is a plan to end the Trade War, or will she bow to her partisan political ambitions, and the $10,000 she has received from Pence, and welcome him with open arms?


Governor Reynolds and Iowa Republicans have failed for months to produce any solutions to help Iowa farmers weather the Administration’s ill-planned Trade War. The Vice President’s visit would be a strong opportunity for Governor Reynolds to show that our “politically pivotal” state is not a pawn to be sacrificed by this Republican administration.


“Every day Governor Reynolds fails to stand up for Iowa in this Trade War, Iowa farmers and rural families lose hope. It’s time for Governor Reynolds to stop putting her partisan political ambitions ahead of the people she was elected to serve and take action – literally any action – to help Iowans survive the Trade War,” said Iowa Democratic Party Spokesperson Tess Seger.