Ernst’s recent comments pit herself against Iowa Postal Workers

The Iowa Democratic Party is unveiling a new video to call out Senator Joni Ernst as she has repeatedly downplayed the crisis facing Iowans in order to stand shoulder to shoulder with Mitch McConnell and her political party – pitting herself against Iowa seniors, workers, farmers … and now, postal workers.

Recently asked by the Dubuque Telegraph Herald about efforts by Washington Republicans to systematically dismantle the U.S. Postal Service through funding cuts and revoked services, Senator Ernst stormed to her party’s defense by claiming that the USPS isn’t facing a “cash issue.”

Senator Ernst’s partisan excuses directly contradict outcry from Iowa postal workers, who have protested in cities across Iowa demanding that Ernst do her job by returning to Washington and passing emergency funding for the USPS.

Iowa Starting Line took apart Senator Ernst’s falsehoods – detailing how Ernst has been “silent” on the issue for weeks and refused to acknowledge her party’s effort to break the postal service. And while Ernst claims that she’ll work to “come to a consensus on postal funding,” the reality is that Ernst is standing in lock step with Mitch McConnell who’s made clear that he would “not take up a standalone bill for Postal Service funding.”

“Despite promising that she wouldn’t become a ‘Washington politician,’ Senator Ernst is so desperate to win in November that she’s defending her party’s efforts to break the Postal Service,” said Jeremy Busch, Iowa Democratic Party spokesperson. “Senator Ernst continues to prove why Mitch McConnell’s allies are spending over $50 million to prop up her re-election: she will always put her political party ahead of Iowans.”