Reynolds’ Rhetoric VS Reality

//Reynolds’ Rhetoric VS Reality
Minutes after ending her Condition of the State Address, Governor Reynolds released a round of devastating budget cuts that target the very services she had just spent an hour promoting.

“Once again, we see that Iowans can’t trust Governor Reynolds to manage our budget or provide our communities with even the most vital services. It’s too bad political rhetoric won’t solve the Reynolds Budget Crisis because it’s clear she’s unwilling to do anything more than that to fix the damage she’s done and solve problems for the businesses and families of our state.” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price.

Reynolds Rhetoric: “To meet the needs of our most vulnerable Iowans, to ensure we have affordable healthcare coverage for working families, to provide compassionate mental health care, and to fight the plague of opioid addiction, we must address these complex issues in a coordinated and strategic approach that builds on the progress we’ve made together.”
Reynolds Reality:
$10 million cut from Department of Human Services for Medical Assistance
$3.3 million cut from Department of Human Services in general
Reynolds Rhetoric: “We must also continue to provide compassionate mental health care.”
Reynolds Reality:
$690 thousand cut from the Woodward Resource Center
$1 million cut from the Glenwood Resource Center
Reynolds Rhetoric: Today, just over half of our workforce has training or education beyond high school. We’re going to change that. By 2025, our goal is for 70% of Iowa workers to have the skills they need to land a great job.
Reynolds Reality:
$1.8 million cut from community colleges
$5.1 million cut from the Board of Regents
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