Iowa Democrats mark one year anniversary of Reynolds swearing in with new video series.

This week marks one year since Governor Reynolds was sworn in to office, so the Iowa Democratic Party is taking a critical look at how she has handled the most pressing issues in our state.

Legislators from all over Iowa have stepped up to make sure the public is fully aware of the Reynolds Administration’s messed up priorities and mismanagement, starting with Representative Chris Hall from Sioux City:

As the Ranking Member of the House Appropriations Committee, I’m a watchdog for your tax dollars. Over the last year, I have been appalled at the Reynolds Administration’s lack of responsible management, and, frankly, respect for the needs of the people of Iowa.

Back in 2013, Reynolds helped push through massive tax breaks for the wealthiest special interests and corporations with the promise that those dollars would trickle down to Iowa families. Fast forward to today, Reynolds has signed hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts to services like public schools, safety, and health care because her tax giveaways have not grown our economy as promised.

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