Instead of standing up for the thousands of rural Iowa families being sabotaged by this GOP Trade War, Governor Reynolds and Congressman Blum are welcoming Vice President Pence with open arms.

While they are busy letting the Administration off the hook, Iowa farmers are sitting around their kitchen tables trying to figure out how they are going to survive…

Over the last five years and prior to these retaliatory tariffs, Iowa farm incomeshave already shrunk nearly 75%. No family can survive a 75% pay cut, but with the GOP Trade War gaining steam, many Iowans may have to deal with worse.

As a result of the existing retaliatory tariffs from China and Mexico, Pork losses for Iowa alone are projected to reach $560 million.

Soybean losses in Iowa could reach $624 million and many farmers are scared that Iowa could permanently lose trading partners, like they did in the 1970s when Nixon closed the soy trade with Japan.

The GOP Trade War will directly impact 456,300 jobs in Iowa with countless more businesses and jobs threatened by what could be devastating ripple effects.

“Governor Reynolds and Congressman Blum need to remember they were elected to serve the people of Iowa, not a Republican, D.C. Administration that tosses Iowans overboard without a second thought. Reynolds and Blum are wasting time with partisan posturing while Iowa families are on the verge of losing everything,” said Iowa Democratic Party spokesperson Tess Seger.