The Real Condition of the State Kim Reynolds Will Do Anything to Cover Up

//The Real Condition of the State Kim Reynolds Will Do Anything to Cover Up

New Polling Confirms Reynolds Agenda Unpopular with Iowans

Today, as Governor Kim Reynolds prepares to deliver her first Condition of the State Address, Iowans will be watching to see if she’ll stay course and keep trying to cover up her record or actually own up to the consequences of her actions.

New polling shows that Iowans aren’t fooled by the Governor’s rhetoric—they know her real agenda and have had enough of it.

“As Governor Kim Reynolds attempts to sell Iowans on her record and agenda today, it’s clear that her rhetoric just isn’t backed up by reality,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price. “Iowa deserves a leader who puts Iowa families and communities first, not the partisan nonsense and special interest handouts Governor Reynolds is peddling. We all see the consequences of her failed priorities in our communities every day, and no amount of political grandstanding will overcome that.”

Here are some highlights of the real Condition of the State Governor Reynolds is sure to try to hide today:

  • Governor Reynolds backed massive tax giveaways to wealthy special interests, taking Iowa from a $900 million surplus to a more than $200 million deficit.
  • The Reynolds Budget Crisis has led to cuts to needed services—everything from state troopers to rape kit testing to protecting seniors from abuse have been put on the chopping block by her mismanagement and misplaced priorities.
  • Governor Reynolds has underfunded education in the state, leading to tuition hikes, increased class sizes and slashed services for Iowa students.
  • ReynoldsCare has failed, and real Iowans are struggling to get the healthcare they need.
  • Under Reynolds, the Iowa GOP is bragging about stripping workers’ rights, despite the negative impact on Iowa’s workforce and families.
  • Governor Reynolds recently admitted she broke the law to conceal the extent of the Reynolds Budget Crisis from the public
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