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Troy Price
Troy PriceChair
Troy Price was elected Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party in July of 2017. Troy Price is a longtime Iowa political operative and strategist as well as a vocal LGBT rights advocate. Raised in Durant, Iowa, Troy has held positions in various campaigns and causes around Iowa since graduating from the University of Iowa in 2004.

Troy has worked for Governor Vilsack and Lt. Gov. Pederson, Governor Culver and Lt. Gov. Judge. He headed Iowa’s largest LGBT advocacy group, One Iowa and has worked behind the scenes as political director for President Obama’s Iowa re-election campaign and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. He has also served as the Iowa Democratic Party’s executive director.

Andrea Phillips
Andrea Phillips1st Vice Chair
Andrea Phillips was elected 1st Vice Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party in January of 2017. She was a candidate for the Iowa House of Representatives for District 37 (northern Ankeny) in 2016. Before moving to Iowa in 2009 to raise her family, Andrea lived and worked in China for a decade. She served three terms on the Board of Governors for the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, where she worked to improve their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, including community outreach, environmental stewardship, and employee health and safety. While she was working abroad, Andrea also co-founded Shanghai International Family Magazine. Her professional background is in marketing, market research, and community relations.
June Owens
June Owens2nd Vice Chair
June Owens was elected 3rd Vice Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party in January of 2017, and since has moved up to serve as 2nd Vice Chair. A strong proponent of diversity, June is proud to be the first African American woman to serve as a Vice Chair for the Iowa Democratic Party. Engaged in various levels of Democratic politics, June has served as a Precinct Captain on several campaigns and also serves as a Precinct Leader. In February 2016, June was elected to serve as Affirmative Action Chair for the Polk County Democratic Party. In 2016, June had the fortune to utilize her organizing and party building skills to serve in the Iowa Headquarters for Secretary Hillary Clinton as well as staff on the Mowrer for Congress Campaign. A Des Moines resident, June is a member of several organizations including, but not limited to: the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


Kevin Geiken
Executive Director

Melissa Watson
Chief Financial Officer

Erika Bartlett
Finance Director

Matt Brau
Finance Assistant

Jacob Becklund
Senate Campaign Director

Emily Waggoner
House Campaign Director

Jonah Hermann
Head of Media

Mandy McClure
Communications Director

Seth Cohen
Caucus to Convention Director

Eva Mitchell
Data Director

Carissa Best
Senate Finance Director

Michael DuPre
House Finance Director

Blair Lawton
Party Affairs Director

Mauricio Diaz
1st District Director

Hal Goetz
2nd District Director

Amanda Ludwigs
3rd District Director

Caitrin Sneed
4th District Director


Ray Feuss
1st District Member

Kelli Harrison
1st District Member

Pete Hird
1st District Member

Pat Loeffler
1st District Member

Shelley Parbs
1st District Member

Rosemary Schwartz
1st District Member

Joey Zahorik
1st District Member

Allison ‘Sunny’ Story
1st District Member

Jean Pardee
2nd District Member

Ryan Drew
2nd District Member

Tanner Halleran
2nd District Member

Shawn Harmsen
2nd District Member

Melinda Jones
2nd District Member

Marty O’Boyle
2nd District Member

Janice Weiner
2nd District Member

Allison Ritchie
2nd District Member

Carl McPherson
3rd District Member

Bill Brauch
3rd District Member

Bonnie Brown
3rd District Member

Mary Jane Cobb
3rd District Member

Annaleah Moore
3rd District Member

Al Womble
3rd District Member

Paula Martinez
3rd District Member

Sean Bagniewski
3rd District Member

Jeremy Dumkrieger
4th District Member

Landra Reece
4th District Member

Jon Klein
4th District Member

Doug Neys
4th District Member

Chris Petersen
4th District Member

Penny Rosfjord
4th District Member

Emma Schmit
4th District Member

Amanda Malaski
4th District Member

Sandy Opstvedt
DNC Member

Scott Brennan
DNC Member

Jan Bauer
DNC Member at Large

Karen Mackey
Affirmative Action Chair

Olivia Habinck
CYDI President

Melissa Peterson
Rules Chair

Mark Olberding
Platform Chair

Ron Healey
Armed Forces/Veterans Caucus Chair

Holly Brown
Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus Chair

Jamie Woods
Black Caucus Chair

Catherine Crist
Disability Caucus Chair

Laura Hubka
Disability Caucus Vice Chair

Danny Homan
Labor Caucus Chair

Tammy Wawro
Labor Caucus Vice Chair

Araceli ‘Sally’ Goode
Latinx Caucus Chair

Steve Villatoro
Latinx Caucus Vice Chair

Lutisha Dumkrieger
Native American Caucus Chair

Christina Blackcloud
Native American Caucus Vice Chair

Holly Herbert
Progressive Caucus Chair

Lindsey Ellickson
Progressive Caucus Vice Chair

Colleen Caldwell
Rural Caucus Chair

Glenn Hurst
Rural Caucus Vice Chair

Ruth Thompson
Senior/Retiree Caucus Chair

Terryl ‘Terry’ Stewart
Senior/Retiree Caucus Vice Chair

Kyla Paterson
Stonewall Caucus Chair

Nick Kruse
Stonewall Caucus Vice Chair

Jean Hessburg
Women’s Caucus Chair

Robin Covington
Women’s Caucus Vice Chair

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