Saturday, October 10, 2020


With One Month Until SCOTUS Hears GOP Lawsuit to Repeal the ACA, A Reminder: Health Care Is On The Ballot In November

Trump and Ernst are attempting to jam through a lifetime appointment justice who could cast the deciding vote to gut coverage protections for pre-existing conditions, dismantle Medicaid expansion

DES MOINES — One month from today, the Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments in the GOP’s dangerous lawsuit to repeal the ACA and gut coverage protections for Iowans with pre-existing conditions. In the midst of the election and ongoing pandemic, President Trump and Senator Ernst are attempting to jam through an anti-health care nominee to the Supreme Court — who could be the deciding vote to kick 227,000 Iowans off of their health care.

If successful, the Trump campaign lawsuit could repeal coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, dismantle Iowa’s Medicaid expansion, slash back open the Medicare donut hole, and rip coverage away from Iowans during this global health crisis.

“Iowans know that health care is on the ballot in this election as President Trump and Senator Ernst plow forward with their lawsuit to kick Iowans off of health coverage amid a deadly pandemic,” said IDP Chair Mark Smith. “Rather than trying to gut coverage protections for Iowans with pre-existing conditions, Trump, Senator Ernst, and the GOP should be squarely focused on passing overdue COVID-19 relief. Iowans deserve better. Voters are already casting their ballots, and they are voting for change this election.”

Tellingly, while Washington Republicans are rushing through a lifetime appointment, they are refusing to pass new COVID-19 relief until after the election. All the while, the pandemic continues to rage across Iowa, new jobless claims are on the rise again, and hospitals are treating an all-time high number of patients sick with the deadly virus. 

Senator Ernst has spent the entire election year shamelessly trying to conceal her support for repealing the ACA without a replacement, saying “that’s in the court’s hands,” “I am not an attorney,” “I’m not saying whether I support it or not,” and refusing  to “take a position.” Just last week, she even put on a desperate stunt to rewrite her own disastrous record on health care because she knows it’s dragging down her re-election.