DES MOINES — Vice President Mike Pence is in Iowa for his second victory lap in six weeks to prop up the Trump administration’s failed response to the coronavirus. Since Pence’s last visit, the economy has entered a recession, more than 40,000 Americans have died, and virus hotspots continue to grow without proper workplace protections for safely restarting the economy.

“One day after the gold-standard Iowa poll showed Donald Trump’s re-election prospects in a free fall in Iowa, Mike Pence is back in town to paper over the Trump administration’s failures. Iowans aren’t buying Pence’s broken promises – they know that Washington Republicans have time and again thrown Iowa workers and families under the bus and ignored their dire needs in a health and economic crisis. Voters have had enough and we’re going to send Joe Biden to the White House in November.” — IDP Communications Director Mandy McClure

Trump and Pence’s failure to listen to workers and hold businesses accountable has led to thousands of unnecessary exposures and deaths.

Trump refuses to enforce common sense workplace safety regulations to ensure workers can safely restart — opening the door for businesses to claim safe working conditions without consequences as Iowa plant workers lead the nation in case counts.

Instead, Trump supports GOP efforts to protect big businesses from being held accountable by workers who get COVID-19 on the job.

Trump’s failures don’t impress Iowa voters. The first Iowa Poll of the general election showed a majority 52% of Iowans disapprove of Trump and only 22% of Iowans believe our country is going in the right direction.