Today, Governor Kim Reynolds admitted that she dropped the ball and failed to lobby President Trump personally on Iowa’s proposed stopgap measure to shore up the state’s insurance marketplace despite her promise earlier this summer that she would do so.

Reports last week indicated that President Trump personally rejected Iowa’s proposal, a move that would lead to skyrocketing premiums for 72,000 Iowans.

Today, Reynolds said, “I haven’t spoken directly to the President,” but in June, when asked whether she would raise this issue with the President while he was in Iowa, she said, “I will have the opportunity to meet with him… Of course I’m going to talk about encouraging the White House to work with us on our stop-gap measure for insurance coverage.”

“Kim Reynolds dropped the ball on Iowa’s health insurance problems by breaking her promise and failing to advocate for our state to President Trump,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price.“This latest example of Reynolds’ mismanagement and broken promises means that 72,000 Iowans may see their premiums spike, and over 20,000 people could lose their insurance or leave Iowa altogether. Between her budget crisis and this failure on health care, Iowa families just can’t afford any more of Reynolds’ mismanagement.”