Iowans Aren’t Buying Kim Reynolds’ Hollow, Personal Attacks

//Iowans Aren’t Buying Kim Reynolds’ Hollow, Personal Attacks

Instead of talking about her record and issues that matter to Iowa families, Kim Reynolds kicked off her campaign with hollow, personal attacks against Fred Hubbell. Unsurprisingly, Iowans aren’t buying it.

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Rather than focus on their personal financial backgrounds, Iowa voters should demand a focus — and an ongoing campaign debate — on issues that are critical and important to Iowans.

Hubbell has already promised to undo the nation’s most restrictive abortion ban — a ban signed into law by Reynolds but temporarily stayed by court order. Hubbell has promised to reverse the state’s privatized Medicaid program amid reports of reduced services. School funding and infrastructure repair should be part of that debate.

A campaign based on personal wealth and background will not, in our view, provide Iowans with the information they need to make an informed choice in November.

CEDAR RAPIDS GAZETTE: GOP shots at Fred Hubbell over wealth are rich
Gov. Kim Reynolds said “we celebrate wealth in this country.” However …

“The issue isn’t that Fred Hubbell has been rich his entire life, it’s that he has no idea what it’s (like) not to be,” Reynolds told supporters, according to the Des Moines Register. “He has no idea what it’s like to balance a family checkbook or make tough decisions most of us make each day …” This from a governor who signed a huge tax cut package into law just weeks after signing midyear budget cuts. Iowa’s overdraft is in the mail.

The real issue Republicans have with Hubbell’s wealth is they won’t be able to massively outraise and outspend the Democratic nominee.

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“I asked her on Sunday about what the chairman of the party had been saying, and if she was comfortable with that. She just waived her hands and rolled her eyes,” Henderson said. “It was a surprise to many of us that she was going so hard so fast on that angle.”

“Kim Reynolds knows she can’t talk about her record, which is why she is already resorting to desperate, personal attacks. Iowans want and deserve a campaign about the issues they need our future governor to tackle,” said Iowa Democratic Party Spokesperson Tess Seger.

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