Iowa Democratic Party chair Troy Price released the following statement in advance of Senator Joni Ernst’s anticipated official re-election announcement:

“While Senator Ernst spends the day re-affirming her support for Donald Trump’s extreme agenda, Democrats are holding more than 50 events across the state to show our communities that we’re committed to organizing in every corner of the state and building a better Iowa together. Regardless of what Ernst says on stage today, she can’t deny her record of voting to take away Iowans’ health insurance and coverage for pre-existing conditions, adding trillions to our national debt, proposing damaging changes to Social Security, and repeated failure to stand up to Trump’s Administration when his policies hurt Iowans.

“Ernst said she was going to Washington to ‘make em squeal’ but she voted for the Trump-GOP Tax Scam that added $1.6 trillion to our deficit and gave permanent tax breaks to the top one percent and corporations at the expense of middle-class taxpayers. Ernst has voted for Trump’s policies more than 90 percent of the time, including budget cuts to programs that Iowans rely on like rural development, Medicare, and Social Security. And when Trump uses our farmers as political pawns in a never-ending trade war, Ernst fails to take any meaningful action to find solutions for farmers who are faced with record level debt and uncertainty over future profits.

“Iowans won’t forget Ernst’s broken promises and Democrats are building a ground game to make sure voters know the truth about Ernst’s record of putting political ambitions above the best interests of the Hawkeye State.”