Monday, September 7, 2020


Iowa Democratic Party Statement on Labor Day 2020

DES MOINESIowa Democratic Party Chair Mark Smith released the following statement on Labor Day 2020:

“Organized labor is the backbone of our nation’s workforce.This year, as workers simultaneously live through a global pandemic and historic recession, the victories won by the labor movement are even more important: fairer wages, safer working conditions, and necessary benefits for all workers.

“But we know these gains, especially during these difficult times, can’t be taken for granted. President Trump and the GOP are undermining workers by eroding the right to collectively bargain at every turn.

“These disgraceful attacks on collective bargaining are part of the GOP’s anti-worker agenda. Here in Iowa, the Reynolds administration has rolled back worker compensation laws and passed massive tax breaks for corporations. All while leaving working Iowans with stagnant paychecks, more taxes, and fewer public services.

“Iowa Democrats are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the labor movement and unions across our state. On this Labor Day, and on all days, we are thankful for the hard-fought victories that make life better for all Iowans but mindful of the long road ahead. While Republicans are fighting tooth and nail to take away collective bargaining power, Democrats are committed to electing leaders like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and Democrats up and down the ticket who will be champions for working families. Democrats will always work towards creating better opportunities for the middle-class and building an economy that works for everyone.”