Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price released the following statement on Labor Day 2019:

“The American workforce is second to none, and organized labor has strengthened and empowered American workers for decades. The labor movement’s efforts have lead to higher wages, safer working conditions, and necessary benefits for all workers.

“But we know these gains can’t be taken for granted. Donald Trump and Republicans like Senator Ernst are working to roll back workers’ rights with an agenda that threatens the future of our workforce and economy. Ernst voted for Trump’s tax plan that gives giant tax breaks to the top 1% at the expense of working families. She introduced bills that go after Iowans’ retirement security and undermine equal pay and overtime protections; and she voted to confirm two Supreme Court justices committed to gutting collective bargaining rights.

“The attack on collective bargaining rights isn’t just a national political trend. Iowans are bearing the brunt of the Iowa GOP agenda that favors corporations over workers. Under Governor Reynolds’ administration, corporations are getting massive tax breaks, collective bargaining rights have been stripped, and worker compensation laws have been gutted — leaving working Iowans with stagnant paychecks, more taxes, and fewer public services.

“Iowa Democrats stand with our brothers and sisters in labor, and we’re committed to electing Democrats who understand the value of organized labor for all workers. While Republicans chip away at protections for American workers, Democrats are focused every day on creating better opportunities for the middle-class and building an economy that works for everyone.”