Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price released the following statement in advance of Donald Trump’s official re-election announcement:

“Iowans understand what’s at stake in this election and they’re ready for a change. Since Trump’s election, I’ve had the chance to hear from voters across the state about the issues that are most important to our communities, and the contrast between Iowans’ needs and Trump’s agenda could not be starker.

“Simply put, Trump’s priorities are leaving Iowans behind. His crusade to dismantle the ACA could leave hundreds of thousands of Iowans without accessible insurance, and more than one million Iowans with pre-existing conditions could lose coverage. His economic agenda added trillions of dollars to our national deficit, pushed manufacturing jobs overseas, instituted permanent tax cuts for the top one percent, and left middle-class taxpayers with the tab.

“Trump promised Iowans that he would strengthen rural communities, but the facts don’t back it up.  Since he took office, Trump has not only failed to deliver on those promises — he’s using our rural communities as political pawns in a never-ending trade war for farmers who are faced with record level debt and rising financial uncertainty.

“While Republicans like Senator Ernst stay silent when Trump’s reckless agenda hurts our state Democrats are organized across the state and working to elect leaders who will always stand up for the Hawkeye State.”