Miller won the district by 10 points, making this election a 31 point shift in favor of Democrats since 2016.


Iowa Democratic Party Chair, Troy Price, released the following statement after Representative-Elect Phil Miller’s victory in House District 82.

“We are incredibly excited to congratulate Dr. Phil Miller on his victory tonight. The people of HD-82 will be well represented by him in Des Moines.

There’s no denying that tonight’s victory is huge.  Six months ago, some said that Democrats could never win again in rural Iowa. Yet, in spite of the fact that Trump won this district and the GOP ran some of the most negative and vile attacks we have seen against LGBTQ Iowans, Phil Miller and his volunteers and supporters never gave up and never got distracted.  Phil Miller’s campaign is proof that when Democrats step up and pitch in, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish, and we certainly did that in HD-82.

This campaign is just a preview of what is to come in 2018. This was a 31 point shift from red to blue. The GOP is officially on notice – no seat is safe. We will not give up, we will not back down, and we will win up and down the ballot – in both rural and urban parts of our state – in 2018.”