Thursday, September 10, 2020


Iowa College Towns, Students Caught In Crossfire Of Trump’s Failed COVID-19 Response

Trump’s intentional downplaying of the virus and failure to protect Iowans is hurting college towns, businesses, and students 

DES MOINES — Nearly six months after the COVID-19 crisis was officially labeled a global pandemic, more than 70,000 cases have been reported in Iowa and two college towns are experiencing spikes in reported cases that are measurable on a global scale.

As a direct result of Trump’s incompetence and intentional downplaying of the true threat of the virus, Iowa City and Ames have emerged as two of the most dangerous metro areas in the nation for coronavirus spread. At their peak, the two Iowa college towns had a higher rate of per capita COVID-19 cases than any country in the world.

The brunt of the COVID-19 failure will not only be felt by students: Iowa’s economy stands to lose $100 million in revenue after the Big 10 cancelled fall football due to the ongoing, out-of-control pandemic. This loss will be shouldered by the hundreds of small businesses that rely on sporting events for customers and revenues. The compounding effects of mandatory closures leave thousands of workers — many of them students — and small business owners in limbo.

“President Trump knew about the true threat of the coronavirus pandemic weeks before the first cases in our nation, and he still refused to act and protect Iowans,” said College and Young Democrats of Iowa Membership Director Catherine Harris. “Because of his failed leadership, college towns are caught in the crossfire and have become international COVID-19 hotspots. College students, small businesses, and campus communities are bearing the brunt of Trump’s failures. I, like so many other students, was forced to make the tough decision not to go back to campus this fall for fear of public safety for students and university employees. This isn’t leadership, and it’s why we’re doing everything we can to turn out voters and elect Democrats up and down the ticket in November.”