Trailing with Swing Voters and Facing Fallout from her Base, Ernst Retreats to Mitch McConnell’s Playbook to Rewrite her Six Years of Hypocrisy and Partisan Games

Ahead of Senator Joni Ernst’s partisan, divisive speech at tonight’s Republican National Convention, the Iowa Democratic Party released a new video, “Party First.” The video highlights key moments of Senator Ernst’s partisan hypocrisy and shows voters holding her accountable for putting party politics ahead of Iowans.

Senator Ernst promised that she would be an “independent leader” in Washington. Instead, Ernst has voted with Mitch McConnell and her party 97% of the time, at the expense of hard-working Iowans.

Instead of putting Iowa first, Senator Ernst has followed Mitch McConnell’s agenda to a tee – voting to gut health care and coverage protections for pre-existing conditions, installing a fossil fuel lobbyist as head of the EPA, proposing gutting Social Security, and bailing out billionaires and corporations while saddling taxpayers with $2 trillion in debt.

Now, with no vision or record to run on, Senator Ernst’s retreat to the RNC Convention, which has been scrambling to find speakers, is yet another sign that her re-election campaign is in serious jeopardy. Facing widespread fallout from seniors and farmers, Ernst is scrambling to shore up her fading base – as Mitch McConnell’s allies spend over $50 million to prop up her re-election. 

“Senator Ernst promised to clean up Washington. Instead, she spent six years embracing the worst of Washington politics and playing partisan games with the health and well-being of hard-working Iowans,” said Jeremy Busch, Iowa Democratic Party spokesperson. “Trailing with swing voters and rapidly losing support from her base, Senator Ernst has nowhere to run but away from her harmful record and broken promises.”