Ad Campaign Holds Ernst Accountable for Breaking Her Promise to Clean Up Washington, Putting Her Political Career Over Iowans

Today, on the six-year anniversary of Senator Joni Ernst’s infamous “Squeal” ad, the Iowa Democratic Party launched its first ad campaign of the cycle, “Making Iowans Squeal.” The ad campaign holds Senator Ernst accountable for failing to deliver on her campaign promise to “make Washington squeal” – instead becoming a part of the problem she vowed to fix, and leaving Iowans behind in her career’s wake.

Throughout her five failed years in Washington, Senator Ernst has put the agenda of Mitch McConnell and her special interest backers over Iowans – rubber-stamping corporate handouts on the backs of Iowa workers, leading efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and gut coverage protections for pre-existing conditions, and putting Iowans’ retirement security on the line with closed-door threats to undermine Medicare and Social Security.

WATCH: “Making Iowans Squeal

After five years of failing Iowans, Senator Ernst is facing an election-year fallout with voters that has only further exposed her transformation into just another Washington politician. In a desperate effort to keep her re-election afloat, Senator Ernst’s campaign has relied on dark money ads to whitewash her record and resorted to an arrangement with her own dark money group “Iowa Values” that experts say amounts to illegal coordination.

“Senator Ernst promised to be different – but once she landed in Washington, Ernst began working in lock-step with Mitch McConnell, special interests, and power brokers who put personal profits over the wellbeing of Iowans,” said Jeremy Busch, Iowa Democratic Party spokesperson. “Senator Ernst’s bait-and-switch worked once – but Iowans now see Ernst for who she truly is: just another Washington politician who will do and say anything to win re-election. Come November, voters will elect a new senator who will fight for us and never put our communities on the line for their own career benefit.”

“Making Iowans Squeal” will run over digital platforms over the coming weeks and over the course of the election.