Today, following the announcement of Iowa Republican Senate President Charles Schneider’s retirement, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Mark Smith released the following statement. The retirement comes as SD22’s party registration advantage flipped in February, now with more registered Democrats than registered Republicans.

“It is a tell-tale sign of the GOP’s 2020 election nightmare that the Republican Senate President and the former Republican House Speaker are both running towards the exit to avoid their defeat at the ballot. Iowa Republicans have read the tea leaves – they know that voters will hold them accountable in November,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Mark Smith. “From health care to education to job opportunities, voters know that Iowa Democrats fight for them. With a deep bench of strong candidates across the state, our party is poised to retake the majority and deliver real progress for Iowa workers and families.”

Senate President Charles Schneider’s retirement is the 7th Senate Republican retirement of the 19 up for re-election, with no signs of slowing down.