Tuesday, September 15, 2020


ICYMI: Patty Judge reacts to Donald Trump Jr.’s visit to Western Iowa by Detailing the Real Issues Impacting Rural Iowans

Former Iowa Lt. Governor Patty Judge weighed in on the lack of substance on rural issues coming from Donald Trump Jr. during a Iowa campaign stop yesterday

DES MOINES — Donald Trump Jr.’s visit to Iowa earlier this week came a day after another last-ditch political effort by his father’s administration to win over Iowa farmers and ethanol producers. Trump’s too-little-too-late actions fall far short of his promises to Iowa farmers and fail to address the RFS waivers he’s granted and personally pushed for in the last three years, the pending waiver requests for 2019 and 2020, or the economic devastation Iowa’s farmers have faced, including losing four billion gallons of corn-based ethanol from the market as a result of Trump’s  waivers.

Here’s what Former Iowa Lt. Governor and Agriculture Secretary Patty Judge had to say about Trump’s Election Day political games with farmers: 

“I just can’t imagine he’s a real good fit for Treynor, IA. Candidates need to know the issues that rural Iowa struggles with — like limited broadband, access to healthcare and lack of good jobs with companies not moving to country areas.

“I hope it isn’t fatal. I hope under a new Administration that we can get busy and put some certainty back into agriculture.

“I don’t know how they could have messed up international trade any faster and any more.”