Wednesday, September 2, 2020


Hinson Stood Silently By As Ernst Pushed Debunked QAnon Conspiracy Theory About COVID-19

Will Hinson condemn Ernst’s peddling of conspiracy theories and attempt to downplay the toll of the lives lost to COVID-19?

DES MOINES — As she shared an event stage with Senator Joni Ernst last night, GOP candidate Ashley Hinson stood in silent support while Ernst peddled a debunked QAnon conspiracy theory and said she was “so skeptical” of the reported coronavirus numbers. After being greeted on stage by Hinson, Ernst also touted unfounded claims that COVID-19 cases and deaths are being purposefully inflated by health providers to make more money.

Iowans are experiencing one of the worst COVID-19 rates in the country. Rather than stand up for medical professionals on the frontlines of this pandemic — or families who have lost loved ones to the virus — Hinson avoided the subject altogether in a post-event tweet and has stayed silent while medical experts denounce the dubious claims.

This isn’t the first time Hinson’s silent endorsement of her party’s efforts has hurt Iowans. Hinson has refused to denounce the GOP lawsuit to do away with the entire Affordable Care Act, including its protections for pre-existing conditions.

“It’s been nearly 24 hours since Senator Ernst responded to a constituent with false conspiracy theories and slanderous allegations against Iowa health care workers, and Ashley Hinson still hasn’t said anything. Ernst’s dangerous attempt to distract from her party’s mishandling of the virus is an example of politics at its worst. Hinson’s refusal to denounce these comments shows who she really is: a partisan rubber stamp for the Washington GOP establishment who can’t be trusted to stand up for hard-working Iowans,” said IDP spokesperson Samantha Kennedy.