Reynolds Received Thousands in Campaign Donations Before Her Administration Gave a $100 Million Raise To Managed Care Company Denying Iowans Health Care

Media Outlets Across Iowa Highlight Reynolds’ “Ethically Challenged” Record

Yesterday, Iowans learned a new truth about Governor Kim Reynolds’ privatized Medicaid catastrophe: the health care nightmare Reynolds continues to push despite its widespread failure, is part of a pay-to-play scandal. Amerigroup, one of the two current managed care companies in Iowa, has been lining the campaign coffers of Reynolds with thousands of dollars and in return the Reynolds Administration continues to not only defend, but reward the MCO with a massive 7.5% raise, despite widespread evidence of denials of care.

Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price unveiled an indisputably unethical pattern of Reynolds accepting her largest and latest campaign contribution from Amerigroup, just days before rewarding them and UnitedHealthCare, with a 7.5% raise of over $100 million dollars from the state budget.

Meanwhile, Amerigroup has repeatedly made headlines for denying crucial coverage for vulnerable Iowans, including medical equipment for patients who need it and doctor-recommended mental health care, yet Governor Reynolds continues to double down. Yesterday, Iowans saw why.


From the Associated Press: Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price said Monday the Reynolds campaign received $1,000 in December from Anthem, the parent company of Amerigroup, months before the state renewed its Medicaid contract. Another donation of $1,500 was made Aug. 22, two days before the state announced Amerigroup and UnitedHealthCare would get a $100 million increase in state funding.”

From Iowa Public Radio: Referring to the campaign contributions, Democratic Party of Iowa chair Troy Price says the company is “kicking back” tax dollars to the Reynolds campaign. “It doesn’t take a lot to connect the dots here,” Price said.  “Gov. Reynolds is showing that you have to pay if you want to play with her administration.”

From the Cedar Rapids Gazette: “We are seeing a disturbing pattern in this administration … a coziness between her and corporations out there who have business before the state and not being focused on what actually is in the best interest of the people of Iowa,” Price said.


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